Chidinma Emmanuella Nwaukwa Says You are Light

I often hear children of God say things like “My salvation is personal, I don’t need to start telling people about God” or “My relationship with God is a secret, It’s nobody’s business”. Trust me, I have a good laugh when I hear these things, cause they’ve got to be joking. Truth is, you can not experience Abba’s love and keep it to yourself. Like, it is literally impossible.

My best friends and I were having our weekly bible study yesterday and the Holy Spirit said something to me. He said, you’re salvation is gift. It’s a blessing and you were blessed so you can bless others. So, to keep that priceless gift of knowing the Father is a sin. You’ve been called to be the light of world, the salt of the earth. It’s no coincidence that the Word of God likens us to those two things (Light and salt). They can never go unnoticed! Don’t ever try to ever dim your light for anything or anyone. Don’t try to suppress the joy of your salvation. It’s a gift that everyone deserves to have access to. This can only be possible of we keep telling the world about the Love of God and the peace that it brings. A peace that surpasses human understanding. I’ve realized that loving God is not so much of an issue. It’s understanding the love He has for you that literally changes every single thing. It’s simply overwhelming and you CAN’T keep it to yourself. I’m sure most of us try to dim our lights because we scared of loosing the approval of our friends or being tagged as “spirikoko”. Trust me, you would rather find favour in the sight of God than in the sight of any man. I know i used to be guilty of this. I would be having a conversation with a friend and I try not to mention “God” too much so that they don’t think i’m too spiritual or trying to be judgmental but I’ve come to realize that God takes me seriously and its high time I took Him seriously as well. I AM LIGHT! and no matter how terrible the darkness, I must always shine. So believers, it’s high time we start infecting the world with the love of God that has completely taken over lives. Telling the world about Christ is our main purpose on earth. Don’t try to downplay your love for God. Grace and peace be with you!

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5 comments on “Chidinma Emmanuella Nwaukwa Says You are Light”

  1. Rita

    Amen sister. Let’s stop trying to downplay our faith and light. Shine, Shine, SHINE.

  2. Gloria

    ‘Do not dim your light for anyone’. This really spoke to me. A city set of a hill CANNOT be hidden. God bless you for this, sister.

  3. Stephanie Chizoba Odili

    Please keep on giving us more of this.

  4. Paulyn Nwaukwa

    You couldn’t have said it any better. Great write-up.

  5. Paulyn Nwaukwa

    You couldn’t have said it any better. Great write-up. Keep the fire.

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