Yoga For The Pregnancy Bloom & Blues

Yoga For The Pregnancy Bloom & Blues



The joy of housing a little being of pure blessings that will drench your days with the effervesent fairy dust of beautiful sunshine and the symphonies of a rainbow guitar with strings plucked to the pulsating rhythm of its tiny heartbeat which engulfs the expanse of your life, a mini-you, the confluence of a love between you and your partner made manifest (or maybe not), the next in line of a beautiful family tree, a motivation to keep keeping, all within the resilient fragility of your very own frame can be a robustly blissful as well as exhausting experience, if we are to be totally honest. We know just how demanding and strenuously exerting – physically, emotionally, spiritually- this sacred time can be for the mummies to be, and sadly most expecting mama’s just sit around lackadaisically without imbibing in any physical activitirities during the blossoming of each trimester, and then complain about backaches, nausea, the woes of excess weight gain that has somehow refused to magically vanish within the first few months post-partum etcetera when they have done nothing to exert themselves health wise. Come on mama, real life is nothing like the mystical world of Narnia.

Physical exercise during pregnancy is an amazing way to boost and maintain your overall health and wellness as it is helpful to both baby and mother, but some false-preaching mungers in society, for reasons only likened to the great erosion of ignorance have propagated the false ideology that exercise during pregnancy is somehow detrimental to the child and its mother. Well, venerated health practitioners and mid-wives beg to differ, saying that engaging in exercise, overall and in most cases has amazing benefits! These benefits include ;



  1. Exercise may help you handle labor a lot easier
  2. You get to reduce pregnancy discomforts such as backaches, bloating, headaches, constipation and swelling.
  3. You gain less weight by engaging in physical activity, and it also helps you get back in shape faster and easier post delivery.
  4. Helps reduce gestational diabetes by as much as 27%
  5. Improves Sleep
  6. Improves Posture
  7. Boost in energy levels
  8. Improves mood


According to, ‘exercising, on all or most days can benefit your health during pregnancy’ . However, not all women are physically active pre-pregnancy and so they advice that taking it easy and exercising for 20minutes 3 or 4 times a week could be beneficial as well. Lastly, they add ‘… the most important thing is to be active and get your blood flowing’

It is strongly advised that before you start up any exercise routines, you seek your health practitioners consent. Contrary to the opinion that exercise during pregnancy causes miscarriages, this theory is only applicable when the pregnancy is not normal, and so if you have special health concerns they must be ironed out first. Experts also add that if you participated in any exercise pre-pregnancy it would be safe to continue to participate while pregnant, but again, seek your doctors consent. There are many exercises that are safe to participate in during pregnancy, and those low impact routine are quintessential and the most advisable for pregnancy because they have less strenuous effects on your body and your baby; activities where falling, bumping into people, changing direction rapidly, jumping, hopping or any other vehicle that allows for abdominal trauma should be steered clear off.


Why Yoga???

Well why not??? Yoga involves sets of slow, smooth practices that are orchestrated through the flow of the breath, paying attention to the spirit, soul and body whilst harmonizing them into one. Yoga practice allows a two way mindful connection between you and your body , where your body tells you what parts are stiff, aching and dense and where you answer by sending the awareness of your breath to those problematic areas. Pre-natal yoga is a soft low impact exercise that allows the mother to pay sweet-loving-mindful attention to her body and her baby while learning to trust and engage with her intuition. Pre-natal yoga fosters flexibility as well as a ballon decorated truck delivery of all those beautiful benefits mentioned above; and it is great for those mama’s who were not physically active prior to the pregnancy, anyone can do it, and best part! it is sooooo yummmmmmy!!!


The amazing Yogi and Youtuber, Adrienne, in the video below, shows us 5 amazing yoga poses every mama can try out during every trimester.




We hope you enjoy It. Here are a few pregnancy exercise warning signs that you should pay attention to.


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