X- Pression Hebe: Dreadlocks On The Go

X- Pression Hebe: Dreadlocks On The Go

The world today has focused on modernization and part of this modernization is modification. This modification has so infiltrated our everyday lifestyle with newer technologies and approach that there is always available, a technologically easier and faster substitute to our everyday life challenge. From newer technologies and approaches to newer lifestyle techniques, this world has got it all locked. This way, the modification has even reached the deepest layers where hairstyles now come in a different package. No longer do you have to spend the whole day in a salon just to have your braids done, nor do you have to spend month grooming your hair before you can see the result of your effort on that dreadlock hairstyle that you so desperately desire. With a little help from X-Pression with their new crochet braid series, all these are made very achievable, and at super fast speed too. Take for instance the dread lock hairstyle. Dreadlocks are not very easy to make or pull off, but when you get them, they are like no other hairstyle on this planet. On the average, the locking process takes three to six months, but the lock will not become “mature” until after about two years. This term “mature” is used to describe the hair when it’s completely locked with a rope-like appearance. But, who need to wait for two years to wear a dreadlock? Certainly not me, and neither should you. With the new X-Pression Hebe, all you need is just about fifteen minutes to get a fifteen inches long dreadlock hairstyle. Surprised? Don’t be. The new X-Pression Hebe is a Faux Loc-style crochet bread that gives one the unique appearance of wearing a dreadlock. Made from one of the best synthetic fiber in the world, the new X-Pression Hebe is very friendly to skin touch, and does not put any strain on the scalp of the wearer. It is also very durable since it can be washed and reused over and over again. What’s more? The X-Pression is very easy to fix because of the loop on it which allows for easy attachment even by oneself. Its availability of diverse attractive colors ensures that the New X-Pression Hebe enjoys a wider appeal among women as one is sure to get a color that one desire no matter how conservative or advanced one’s choice is. Most importantly, the New X-Pression Hebe is a hairstyle for every occasion, be it formal or inform.

Take a look at some of the looks.





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