As I was about crossing over to the other side of the road yesterday morning, I needed to push the Pedestrian button in order to redirect the traffic lights in my favour, thus enabling me cross over to the other side of the road. As I waited, the Holy Spirit ministered to me, asking me to read the writing on the Pedestrian Box, which reads thus: “PEDESTRIANS, PUSH BUTTON AND WAIT FOR SIGNAL OPPOSITE”. To my surprise, I caught a message and I was inspired as I read it.

You see in life, many of us are pedestrians, going on a journey to a particular destination. Sometimes we have to cross the road to the other side and sometimes the traffic lights may be holding us up. However, when we press the Pedestrian Button by the Traffic Lights, it sends a signal to indicate that there is a pedestrian waiting to cross over. The lights turn Red and all vehicles must STOP for you. However, many of us in life are impatient and risk our lives by trying to cross over into “Marriage, or something we are not ready for yet”. We ignore the Pedestrian Button and try to cross over whilst cars are still driving by. As I meditated, the Holy Spirit also ministered to me that, many people fall in another sector; and these are people who “press the WAIT Button to send a signal to the Traffic Lights but are not patient enough to wait for the signal, to tell them when it is safe to GO”. In life, a lot of us are like this; we go into the wrong Relationships / Contracts/ Make Rash Decisions due to pressure, sentiments or finances, without getting the go-ahead from GOD and when an accident occurs, we wonder why…Selah!

To encourage someone WAITING today, I want you to know that GOD has heard your prayers; heaven has seen the signal, notifying them that you are WAITING to cross over to the other side…GOD knows you are waiting for that Blessed Husband/ Wife/Babies and lots more…However, we need to be Patient and wait for the signal from above, because until GOD has worked on you or your spouse, I advice you wait patiently and happily. Please do not rush into crossing over to Marriage Lane without the Signal, else you will get hit by an on-coming vehicle. Also, do not rush into anything because it is trending or cool. So what! if your sisters or friends have gone ahead of you?, everyone’s destiny is different.

Wives-in-Waiting / Husbands-in-Waiting, I also want you to know that in Marriage, they don’t mark attendance of “First to come and Last to enter”, so relax. Do all you can, be the best version of yourself and after you have done all you can, just Stand! Wait on the Lord, because the race is not to the swift. Wait for your signal, because if you start running a race when you hear- “on your marks”, “get set”…before you hear “GO”, that will be a foul. Same thing, if you cross a busy road as a Pedestrian without waiting for the signal to cross over. Over all, I pray that God will give us the Strength, Patience and Wisdom to wait, fulfill Purpose whilst waiting and the Grace to wait for the signal from the Holy Spirit before crossing over or embarking on anything. The Lord is our strength in Jesus name, Amen.


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