What’s A Deal Breaker In Your Relationship?

What’s A Deal Breaker In Your Relationship?

What’s A Deal Breaker In Your Relationship?



You’re a year into your relationship with bae and things are beginning to change. You no longer do the things you used to; the chemistry has faded and the spark that once drew the both of you together has dispersed. His family members are familiar with you, not to talk of his friends and his belongings frequently find their way amongst your stuff. If you both haven’t already taken your relationship to the next level you may be heavily considering it. This could be in the sense of engagement, which is a step towards showing a higher level of commitment.

Even though you’re definitely in love with your hubby and enjoy spending time with him you may be having a few doubts about whether he’s the one for you. These doubts can be seen as deal breakers that have the potential to make or break your relationship. So before you make any rash decisions be sure to consider the following and if they are deal breakers to you, try and work them out with your boo. According to psychotherapist and author of 51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged, Michael Batshaw, it’s quite normal to have doubts about your significant other at some point during your relationship. He even states that the real relationship doesn’t begin until the first disappointment. Here are some deal breakers that might be affected your satisfaction in your relationship:


Feeling attracted to someone else:

So you’re starting to have feelings for another person who’s recently come into your life. Light conversations and meet-ups after work can start to go where neither of you planned. But hold on, as long as you highlighted that you’re not actually on the market. This will automatically draw a line of where your communications can head. As long as you reframe from sending out signals and giving the other party false hope.


Not satisfied in bed: worried you’re settling:

It could be that your partner hasn’t hit the mark in the bedroom area. Is the love- making not satisfying enough or even pleasuring one bit? This can be detrimental and can cause one to look elsewhere for satisfaction. Sexual compatibility- including the specifics of your desire as well as how often you want to get it on- is a huge factor in a couples’ happiness. And after all happiness is all we crave for as individuals. Both parties expect to be satisfied and ‘happy’ when it comes to bedroom and love- making discussions.


Worried you’re settling: don’t really get along with their family:

Wondering if you’re staying in a relationship that’s less than ideal because its all you’ve ever known is not a only common but the fear is especially prevalent when partners are on the verge of a more serious commitment. It is believed that these hesitations are mere flare- ups of anticipation anxiety or a mind set that ‘the grass is always greener’.


Don’t really get along with their family:

Research shows that having positive feelings towards your in- laws tends to be bode for better accord and stronger ties in your relationship or marriage in the long run. However, if your next of kin aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy towards you, it’s totally normal. Just make sure your partner is willing to work with you to create some ground rules- like defending you from a family member’s cattiness or excessive criticism, negotiating how much time is spent with parents and siblings, or respecting your disinterest in religious traditions that conflict with your internal values.

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