We Always Know!

We Always Know!

It’s kind of funny…the things guys think we don’t know.

Like when they fall off. Stop texting as much. Stop calling as much. Slowly begin to pull back. Even if it’s ever so slowly…a little at a time. We know. Even if we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, we know what it means.

It can be even a slight withdrawal of time and attention, and we feel it. As women, nothing gets by us. We’ve been around this block a few times before. We know that you’re not just “having a busy day.” We know that you didn’t leave your phone at home. We know it’s not just simply that you have your mind on other things. We KNOW.

We know there’s someone else now on the receiving end of those texts and calls. We know your time and attention is going somewhere, just not to us. We know when we’re being juggled. We know when we’re being ghosted on. We know when the energy shifts from us to someone else, no matter how subtly. We know when you’ve lost interest. We KNOW.

It’s kind of funny…the things guys think we don’t know.

We know. We always know. And we might let you slide out of our DM’s as easily as you slid in. We might look the other way or let it go or choose not to let you know that we know.

We might even let you off the hook for choosing to disappear instead of just telling us you were going.

But we know. Trust that.

We’re women. Nothing gets by us.

Especially a man on his way out the door.

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