Trust The Process

Trust The Process

It’s barely 3 months into the new year and for some reason, I find myself trying to figure out so many things at the same time. Like, my brain is constantly sprinting and calculating all kinds of scenarios. Ha! It’s such a struggle. There are times when I have to consciously tell myself to “Just Chill”!

Please am I the only one with this “over-thinking syndrome”? I cook up the most unusual things in my mind. I term it “cooking” because to be honest, two third are not even realistic and will probably never happen.- Drama queen behaviour!

Thankfully, there’s the little voice in me that keeps me in check. So awesome! Like “why so anxious Ray? Can you please relax for the love of God?” shambles!

Many times, we are so busy fidgeting and worrying “what if…”. Well, what if? So what? Does that really matter right now? How about we just take deep breaths and trust the process. We have come this far, haven’t we? We are alive, kicking and inhaling the little joys, should that not count for something? Let’s trust ourselves to make the right decisions.

Most times, we talk the talk but do we live by it though? Do we really trust the process? To be honest, when all is said and done, it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves. A man must get to a point where he can let go and let God, patiently believing that results will come into fruition. Not snoozing on life, but staying inspired and knowing that lines will fall into pleasant places duly. In Tony Gaskin’s apt words, “ trust the process, one day at a time! What’s for you, is for you and no one can stop that”.


By Ruemuhwe Ewubare



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11 comments on “Trust The Process”

  1. 'F Oy

    Gosh. Thanks for this beautiful reminder Ruemu.

  2. Olamide

    Man! This is easier said than done. You are definitely not alone but God’s got us.

  3. Kelz

    I’ve missed your writing!! Keep it coming!

  4. Nwokeocha Uzoaku

    Beautiful read dear we must learn to wait our time with God and trust that our expectations would not be cut short.

  5. Eniola

    Nice one Reume, I like the ‘not snoozing on life’ part, whatever our plans are, once it’s committed into God’s hands, things will fall into it’s pleasant places.
    Please, Keep more write ups coming…*smiles*

  6. Chu

    I’m totally at the same place. Sometimes you question why you have to go through so much.

  7. Norah

    It is a really tough one to do. Guess I will start by praying to God to give me the ability to trust the process.

  8. Murhoko

    As in! Half of the things we worry about never materialize. Half of the other half kinda sort themselves out before we even get the chance to tackle them so why worry?

  9. Anita. O

    I constantly feel this way but then I remember the bible verse that says – ‘be anxious for nothing but with prayer and supplication, make your request known to God’. I just relax and pray! Really learning to let go and let God and watch him do exploits in my life. Well done Rhemu for this piece.

  10. Eniola

    Needed this. Half of my so called problems are “champagne problems”. To let go and let God is the best really.

  11. Oyin

    This piece is for me, because I’ve been struggling with doing something God really wants me to do.

    I’ll just ‘Trust the process from this moment on ‘

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