The Three Types Of Makeup Girls

The Three Types Of Makeup Girls

There is no universal outlook on makeup. Cosmetics have existed since the dawn of time and women (and men alike) have sought to beautify themselves since time immemorial. Some love it, some hate it and some are indifferent. Generally, women with regards to makeup tend to fall into one of these three groups:

The fresh faces: These are the au naturale sisters. These ladies carry their faces with very little or nothing at all. The #teamnomakeup crew, led on by a bevy of stunning female celebrities who have gone or currently go makeup free such as Alicia Keys who got involved in the movement during the making of her ‘Here’ album last year. You won’t find these women populating the Sephora store or the cosmetics isle of your local supermarket. They go fresh faced for reasons ranging from preference to religious inclinations.

alicia keys makeup free

The in-betweeners: These women are those who while they appreciate the benefits of a good eyeliner or foundation, aren’t downright obsessed with it. Sure, they might go the extra mile if they’re going for an event, a special day or if they just feel like it, but they aren’t looking to slay every single day. They might even go makeup free on some days.

black girl simple makeup

The Facebeat team: These are the ladies who downright adore makeup. That perfect look is a divine being and L’oreal, Iman and Covergirl are messengers of said divine being with Sephora and the M.A.C store being the temples of worship. They won’t be caught dead without a perfectly polished face and start the day with their often very complex makeup rituals, even if its just a normal day. And if its a special event or occasion? Everyone is in trouble.



So, do share. Which group do you belong to?

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