“The Perfect Helper” by Feeyi Okupe

“The Perfect Helper” by Feeyi Okupe

A few nights ago, I couldn’t sleep because I am a bit of a light sleeper and something woke me up. Anyway, since I was up, I decided to meditate, rather than go on the social media and a thought came into my mind from the LORD. It occurred to me that although GOD knew that Eve was a Helper to Adam & although Adam knew God was helping him find a companion; Eve did not know who she was to him because the bible never mentioned that God told Eve, her job description (Read Genesis 2:18-25). So, the best thing Eve could have done was to have a relationship with God once she was created and subsequently find out her purpose on earth. You see, if Mama Eve knew she was Papa Adam’s Helper, she won’t have helped the serpent fulfil his cunny purpose. Selah!

Now, in the 21st century, a lot of Wives & Wives-in-waiting (WWIW) do not know that although their title may be “Wife”, their role is actually to be a “Helper” to their Men, but many do not know and they have caused their men stress, they don’t give him peace of mind, they put their family business on the social media when they fight and call him all sorts of names, etc and etc. So, I urge us all especially the Wives-in-Waiting, that before you get excited about marriage because of pressure, Instagram pictures or because of Banky & Adesua’s union; remember that Banky, amidst all other reasons, chose Adesua because he saw that she will be the perfect help-meet in his life’s purpose; be it in acting, music or business. He chose her because he knew she was the best for him amidst all other women and you can tell that she is loving & supportive, thereby bringing him joy and I pray that by God’s grace, she will be a great helper to him now and always.

So ladies; don’t just sit there, waiting for a DM slider to come along, you may end up with a deceiver if that’s all you anticipate…And, before you go into your Husband’s life, declare it to yourself and confess it to him that “you will be his Helper and no woman/man will take your place in his life”, in addition to that; live what you have declared throughout your marriage, pray for your man, and support him, even if his finances are low for now; with your support and prayers, if he is a hard-working man, he will surely have increase & favour and it will benefit you and your family. Also ladies, please do not let us get tired of helping our men, even on days when they upset us; forgive easily and let us show that we are their destined helpers, indispensable and virtuous women. Don’t forget that, there are many women out there who act like they are helpers to him but they are actually destroyers lurking around to see you fail at your job, so please don’t stop being your man’s help-meet. Please be a praying wife, the one who emulates and exceeds the Proverbs 31 woman’s attributes, and in return; your Husband and children will always rise up to call you blessed, because you are fulfilling your role properly.

Ladies, I know it’s not easy being a multi-tasking woman, so I pray for you that God’s Grace & Wisdom will be sufficient for you. Men, please appreciate your women, because God saw that it wasn’t good for you to be alone and He blessed you with her, so love her, nurture her and appreciate her Always, not sometimes. Ladies, it is a privilege to be helper, so please don’t worry or complain about who is not helping you physically; you are the only specie on earth who has the same job description as the Holy Spirit, so do your best; be a peaceful WWIW and rest securely in the fact that the Holy Spirit, the helper of helpers is helping you fulfil your role in your Husband’s life, in Jesus precious name, amen.

I love you all and GOD bless you. ❤️


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I am a recipient of God's grace.

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  1. deborah olubiyi

    Beautiful piece…

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