The Art Of Being Yourself | TED TAUGHT ME THURSDAY

The Art Of Being Yourself | TED TAUGHT ME THURSDAY


What is your identity? What is your reason for living? Who are you when your job, your lover, your family, your likes and dislikes, your learnt prejudices and ideologies, your degrees and accomplishments, your amassed materialistic empire, your societally sculpted personality , are removed, who are you then? What is your message to the world? Are you the truest version of yourself or simply a watered down version or even worse an incongruous clone of someone else?


For Ted Taught me this Thursday, the exceptional IDologist, Caroline McHugh takes us on a smooth sail along the forgotten streams of self discovery into uncovering the most ornate art of being truly ourselves and it’s intended purpose for unparalleled liberation and greatness. If you have read any of my articles you’d know that I am an original storyteller, but I will be saving the rant for another article because this Ted Talk speaks so poignantly to the soul and I want you to get on with it with no further ado. This talk brings tears to my eyes every single time and hopefully it changes your life, even in the smallest, most atomic of ways (never-mind the size, the infamous weapon of mass destruction is called the ‘atomic bomb’), for the mass dissolutions of illusions of self and for the ultimate better. May we all find the courage to fight the good fight against a defining and dictating society and instead find our rare distinctive magic, spread our intricately unique wings and just fly.





cred : youtube – @tedx talks . Google Images.

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Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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