Survival Tactics Of A Nairobi Woman; Spartans

Survival Tactics Of A Nairobi Woman; Spartans


Being a woman in Nairobi means you have to be bold, aggressive, and strong, yet maintain your feminine ways but above all have mind-blowing connections around the city. It is a tough world out here and only the strongest survive. It means pushing everyone that stands on your way even though it entails altering the facts to your favor. It doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right, as long as you are winning. These are the tactics the Nairobi Woman has developed, they are the survival guidelines every modern day woman in Nairobi practices.Oops! Did I say all? They are survival practices all the Spartan women in Nairobi practice. According to the book ‘Why Men Don’t Love Women like You,’ the incredible puzzle to my femininity power by G.L.Lambert .Spartans are the strongest women on the planet. They follow no woman. They obey no man. They aren’t offended they offend, they don’t wait they take!

Nairobi appears like a small dot on the map of Kenya and the irony is that it is flooded by millions of people whose main aim is to make it in life! Everyone dreams of going to the capital and turning their dreams into reality. Every single day thousands of people flock the city of fresh water to either become successful business moguls, aspiring scientists who believe they can make Jupiter a habitable planet or the vivacious model whose ambition is to walk down the runway of Victoria Secret! Needless to say Nairobi is full of hungry people who want more for themselves. However the statistics do not favor us all, and yes we have writers who may never get to see the light of their book, to add unto that we have aspiring scientists who might never attend a science school. I can almost immediately read your thoughts comparing these situations to either Lagos or Johannesburg and you know what? You are right, nonetheless dear reader, in my City, we the women who want more than what is handed over to us; the go getters have invented ways in order to make the odds favor us! We are here for a season, atleast that is what we tell ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why some women prefer to be baby mamas to wealthy married men or what I call “The Baby Daddy invasion”, in which young beautiful and intelligent girls make it part of their agenda to have a baby for men who are fit to be their grandfathers! This is no cultural shock in my society; who cares as long as the involved parties are happy with their decisions?!Let me break it down for you; a Spartan will not go for any Balogun, Wafula or Maina to have a child with, not in their right senses, they will go for a person who bears a name that has an effect in the society such as the big shots in the city, politicians, successful footballers and the billionaires. Before they date their ‘preys’ they would have done intensive research fit for a science project since it’s the law of attraction that will come into play. These involves knowing where the targets live, what type of car they drive, how many wives they have and also what they like from a woman whom they date. Let me surprise you the more; everything is orchestrated by these women that meeting the crème de la crème is never a coincidence to them. It is a laid out target execution plan outweighing all the pros and cons and coming up with effective and sufficient solutions just in case of a threat before the execution plans have been completed. Am sure one would want to label their ways as hos tactics unfortunately I cannot justify this because it is a messed up world, and I believe in people doing what suits and soothes their soul, I mean he who wears the shoes knows where it hurts most!

They know that they are not the first girls these class of men are dating and they are well aware of the fact that they will not be the last, so in order for them to have an extra source of income is by trapping their targets and ensuring a child is involved during the affair who will now fit in the shoes of the long-term financial strategy from the target. Which wealthy man would want the media publishing stories and lawyers filing up cases of them being dead-beat- dads? The ‘daddies’ will thus have no other option than to adjust their well loaded pockets ensuring a well structured financial plan that provides housing allowance, car allowance and also for the normal basic needs that these kids might require. Making the woman manage her about USD 300 salary but living in a luxury neighborhood, dinning with the high and mighty of the society and also affording her child’s education in the Bre-Schools the most expensive schools in Kenya such as Braeburn, Brookside of which tuition fees is about USD 3000 per semester! As they put it, survival for the fittest!

When talking about this I can’t forget my friend Luke, a young ambitious man who made it to the Kenyan top 40 under 40 men’s list on Forbes for being a pacesetter. At a time when he had traded his bad boy reputation and was ready to start a home, he fell into the hands of a predator lioness in the city. Sometimes, I tend to think karma had a role to play in his Epic Love Movie in the city. Luke met a beautiful lady whom he fell head over heels for and for the first time no one had to tell that my homeboy was in love. It was evident in the way he acted and the way he treated his ‘supposed queen’. Talk of the expensive vacations abroad, the reign of all designers in her closet and voila! The 4 karat diamond ring he proposed to her with. My guy was swallowed in love, and even reminiscing about this makes me laugh so hard because of how the ‘babe’ played her poker game. She was a master at it that none of Luke’s friends even me the FBI in relationship matters smelt a rat from any angle. As a matter of fact, we were all happy to have found ‘our wife’, little didn’t we know that the devil indeed wears Prada. This lady had two houses; one house where she actually lived and the other house was in a different street where no one knew her, but only recognized her presence when the house lights were on; this was the house she took all her ‘prey’s’ to business!

There was nothing about this house that would have made anyone doubt that she lived there. As she was engaged to my poor friend, she was also engaged to two other business tycoons who showered her with everything that money could buy. This babe was a smart chic, she was a billionaire operating and trading carefully that no one knew her little secret. She ensured everyone got enough time and that the money deposit in her accounts were running heavily, I would be damned to think she is not a millionaire thorough her escapades.

As I said gentle reader, only the strong ones survive in Nairobi, and the inventions of survival for the fittest keep on being updated every time in my city my town!


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