Stephanie’s Short Series – Anike’s Dilemma

Stephanie’s Short Series – Anike’s Dilemma

Anike Ilesanmi was the oldest student ever to be enrolled in Samvic Nursery and Primary school. She was dark skinned and her skin had a refreshing coolness that made it even more beautiful to behold. She was tall and had breasts full enough for anyone to consider her an adult. Her hips weren’t as wide as her body’s proportionate should be, but she still looked very feminine. Anike was by far the oldest student in her class, imagine being fifteen years old in primary six in 2017. She was made class captain of primary 6A and eventually made head girl of her school. No student actually felt sane trying to compete that post with her. She was the assistant teacher, the assistant parent, even the assistant Jesus. She was ready to control everyone and everything.

‘Anike, see what you have done! See the extra expenses you have caused this family! Is it not enough that your oldest sister and your mother are pregnant at the same time and we are supposed to save all the money we can get on their ante natal care rather than on stitching up wounds? You will pay for this dearly. By the time you will walk to school every day for the whole of second term, you will learn to be careful about that wild temper of yours. Stupid girl!’

Anike had come to terms with it, after all she had just returned from the midterm break and so she has only half of the term to go. To her, she was doing alright. She was coming back from school one day when she fell into a seven minute slumber thinking about her family. Her father Mr. Ilesanmi the owner of an electric wares shop where all kinds of adaptors, chargers, wires were sold, He usually didn’t get back home till 6pm every evening. Her mother Mrs. Ilesanmi otherwise called Mummy Bolu was a hairdresser and owned a salon where she hired young women to assist her in washing and making hair. Her eldest sister, Bolu, 23 years of age was 200 level drop out of Olabisi Onabanjo University after having gotten pregnant in her father’s house. Bolu’s immediate junior sister, Atinuke, 20 years old and an undergraduate at Lagos State University, she was the quiet child who never really spoke. Gbenga their only brother, 18 years of age and a repeat offender who was recently arrested for vandalism two months in a row, it was safe to say he was the black sheep of the family. Then Anike, the 15 year old primary six student whose temper had controlled most of her life and lastly, Tiwa, the 13 year old also called the baby of the house who stammered badly. She was slow but very kind. The Ilesanmi family of seven, almost lived unhappily together in the heart of Ondo state, the only place they had ever known.

To be continued 


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  1. Grace

    Interesting story, can’t wait to continue……..bravo dear

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