Renowned Nigerian Designer, Folake Majin, Featured in Vogue Italia

Renowned Nigerian Designer, Folake Majin, Featured in Vogue Italia

Ivoirian photographer and stylist Louis Philippe de Gagoue recently took to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria for a photostory collaboration with the Schon Afrique fashion house which he titled “The Lost Sheep”.
Using wedding inspired dresses by renowned Nigerian fashion designer, Folake Majin, de Gagoue uses Marina as the backdrop for his bible inspired story.
Folake Majin and her brand Schon Afrique have been around for decades and have established themselves as a premium brand with distinct, eclectic designs.
The photos taken by de Gagoue are very unique and eccentric in their style. The Lost Sheep which invokes graphic feelings of a holy bride, clad in pristine textures and imposing placards with threads wrapped around her face, background hues of grim iridescence and a old holy monument as the condemnatory backdrop, a captured story of unwillingness, lost and defiance are narrated to us, and all these individual components artistically combined makes the collaboration a perfect fit.

See the full feature on Vogue Italia here and the looks from the photo story below.

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Photographer & Stylist: Louis Philippe de Gagoue
Assistant Photographer: Dan Ngu, Studio 24
Clothes: Folake Majin
Model: Ibukun Sammy, Isis Models
Make-up: Studio 24

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