Relationship Talk: Swallow Your Pride and Apologize

Relationship Talk: Swallow Your Pride and Apologize

We humans are prideful creatures. Some would argue that women are especially prideful. We see it everyday: from the attitude we give our family members to people on the street to our subordinates. Sadly, this sometimes finds it’s way into romantic relationships. It a popular trope at this point that women are too proud to apologize. We are known to simply forget about it when we do wrong and say things like ‘Are you still angry?’ or even get angry at others getting angry at us (are we still following?)




However, pride almost never does any good in a relationship. Why? Because relationships are about vulnerability and honesty. Relationships thrive on putting another person before yourself and this includes turning your nose down, lowering your shoulders and swallowing your pride. Essentially, it means showing your human side. Because you are in a relationship with a human not a god-figure who sin’t allowed to be called out on errors. Some people excuse this pride by claiming they will be ‘taken advantage of’ o r walked over if they apologize when they are wrong. First of all, if your partner is that awful, you’re looking at an entirely different (and bigger) problem. For those of us with non-awful partners, vulnerability is key. It heals, brings closer and opens new communication channels between lovers. Try it, you’ll see.

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