Penshy Writes – Is Makeup Killing Beauty?

Penshy Writes – Is Makeup Killing Beauty?

The Very Thin Line between Cosmetic & Natural…


When you ask the question “What is Beauty?”, you may get varying answers. Some will tell you that beauty boils down to our outward appearance, while others will say it has everything to do with how appealing our features are. However, the one thing that will stand out in every definition is the undeniable fact that Beauty is most pungent when it differs. Men and women from all over the world have been given little identifiers, not only to show our personality and individuality, but also to enhance our uniqueness as people.

Freckles, moles, birthmarks, beauty spots, and even scars have been uniquely placed to set us apart and give life to our backgrounds, life journeys and survivor stories. In a nutshell, they can be described as the things that make us who we are. But in today’s world where seemingly flawless skin is the new status quo, how real is beauty, and what role does makeup play in it’s survival or demise? Let’s take it back a few years on social media. Perfect eyebrows, satin lips, rosy cheeks, bouncy hair were not the order of the day. Not everyone had the skill or tools to invest in makeup, which left the art to a select few.

Today, things are a bit different. Thanks to YouTube makeup tutorials, makeup master classes, a booming beauty industry and the general decentralization of the beauty market, makeup is more popular than ever. Millions of women invest time, money and energy to getting flawless skin, perfect eyebrows, plump lips, a sculpted face, highlighted cheekbones and satin hair, all to get just a little bit closer to perfection. After all, you don’t want people thinking you’re ill or stressed out when they see you barefaced and rocking your natural hair. But after all that is said and done, you have to sit back and ask yourself if makeup is doing more damage than good. You have to evaluate your self-image from within, and determine your state of self-awareness when it comes to your natural beauty.

You have to figure out how you feel about you when you’re not wearing makeup. I recently started following a TV show called ‘Atlanta’, which chronicles the lives of some young women on their journey to achieving their dreams, and one cast member in particular caught my attention. For the sake of this article, let’s call her Shayne. On the show, Shayne is battling with self-acceptance, which stems from her excessive use of makeup. She not only wears makeup all hours of the day, but also wears it to the gym and has never let her boyfriend see her bare face. As harmless and even funny as her tale may seem, Shayne now has to deal with some serious self-esteem and confidence issues. And the truth is we either know a Shayne or are Shayne ourselves. And in order to figure a way out we have to start asking ourselves if we have given the ‘ok’ to replace what we were born with, with chemicals in a bottle?

Is it okay for women to rely on cosmetic assistance so much that they forgo beauty for makeup? Are we letting the need for perfection drown the arguable necessity of flaws? Are we too dependent on the idea that temporary perfection is better than a lifetime of acceptance of self, flaws and all? Don’t get me wrong, makeup plays a great role in enhancing individual beauty, but where does cosmetic beauty end and natural beauty begin? How does the duplication of makeup trends shine a light on natural beauty? Is it fun to put on makeup? Yes! Does the transformational power of makeup perform wonders for the body and soul? Yes! Has it proven to be a lucrative source of income for men & women? Yes! But what happens when you get lost in the sauce. What happens when you can’t look yourself in the mirror and call yourself beautiful?

I’d love to hear your thoughts – do you think makeup is killing beauty?



Jennifer Obiuwevbi is a Beauty Enthusiast, Founder of Beauty Relations brand, Pen-Shy Relations & a writer based in Abuja. She loves to write, read, travel and sit quietly in open spaces. But loves ice cream cake & family above them all! Find her on social media – @MissPenshy | @PenShyRelations

One comment on “Penshy Writes – Is Makeup Killing Beauty?”

  1. Kwaplki

    wow I really love this article am not a Shayne but know a lot and makeup is now the order of the day which drives pole crazy even men too we need people like you ma,makeup isn’t bad with modesty and still being u when you don’t have it on.

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