Nessa’s Open Journal – New Year’s Resolutions Or Not

Nessa’s Open Journal – New Year’s Resolutions Or Not


I have never been a New Year’s resolution girl, for many reasons; I always reshuffle my life choices every now and then, my life never sticks to the plan and most especially man proposes, God disposes.

That does not mean I never know how I want to structure my new year, if I am honest I like the idea of coming up with a plan to help me glide through the year but somehow I find myself waiting for direction, waiting for the right path to walk on this year and I have found peace in that wait. I have seen a lot of resolutions, and I want to agree with some of them but I know how this works most of the time, hence the reason I am patiently waiting for the voice to lead me down my path this year.

I feel like everything that has happened last year has led me somewhere and I am super excited to see where this year is heading. So, No. I am not making New Year resolutions in 2017, I going to be led by the spirit and only then can I truly be sure that I am doing all the right things.

However, there are certain things I have evaluated in my life and I feel very strongly about and from being more firm to being objective, listening more, overthink less, be happy at all cost, do more personal branding and be ruthless in growth & development practices, I definitely know these are going to be turned up a few notches. But that is all just me.

What are your new year resolutions and if you do not have one, do you share my sentiments?

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