Uganze’s Dining Experience – Jamo Afrique

Uganze’s Dining Experience –  Jamo Afrique

I consider going to restaurants my kind of entertainment since I am not big on parties.

Besides, I really do not have to do much to keep my “pleasantly” slim shape which is my excuse to eat more food. However, I am a big fan of finding new restaurants and one of them is a new Jamaican restaurant in town that has been getting a lot of  buzz and as an ardent lover of food I could not resist going to check it out.
Jamo-Afrique, as the name suggests, is a Jamaican and Nigerian cuisine themed restaurant nestled amid the hotels, showrooms and office buildings that spice up the city’s rather busy and bubbly road, Oniru.
It is set up in a brilliantly open location which was not difficult to find even in the middle of a rush lunch hour.
The parking space, though not big enough, can accommodate a quite number of vehicles when orderly arranged.
It is a one storey building, with the ground floor having a display of readily cooked food, mostly Nigerian cuisine. The sharp colors on the wall give you a buzz as you walk in. The top floor, in my opinion is where the magic is.
Climbing up the stairs was a bit of a slow motion with my heels as the length of the steps was rather slim. Ladies (in  heels), caution should be applied here as well as for the kids. However, you are welcomed by a huge “Free Wifi” sign! Come on, who doesn’t love a free WiFi connection?
The interior decoration will remind visitors of a non- minimalist as it is super bright and colorful. You would totally love it! The chairs, I will say are not particularly ideal for fine dining, but I was quick to settle in so they get A for effort. Also, there is a bar by the corner with plenty of liqueurs if you decide to swing that way.
Though I thought they could have done better with the quality of the menu pamphlet, it made up for that lapse with their  array of rich dishes, ranging from the typical Nigerian food and drinks to the Jamaican cuisine. For a moment I was spoilt for choice!
Now for those of you wondering what Jamaican cuisine really is, it includes various spices, flavours and dishes from the different cultures brought to the island with the arrival of people from different places. The popular Jamaican dishes include curry goat, fried dumplings, ackee and saltfish (cod), fried plantain, “jerk” (jerk is a traditional form of barbecuing), rice and peas ( kidney beans). Jamaican patties and different pastries are also popular.

My starter was the Jamaican Chicken Patty. It had a very tasty filling which is absolutely what a patty should be. It was flakier (as compared to the regular chicken pie) and had a zesty aroma of curry and spices. One word, AMAZEballs

For my main meal I had Oxtail Rice and Peas. This was the highlight of my meal. Presentation was fab! I mean, looking at the oxtail sitting in a pool of rich and thick gravy got me salivating and I could not wait to dig in. It had pasta salad by the side but that was not my focus. The (savory) Oxtail was! The Oxtail was tender and very juicy. It literally melted in my mouth! I could tell that the spices kicked in real good. The coconut milk from the deliciously cooked Rice with peas (big kidney beans, actually) gave it an island flair

For the side dish I had the jerk chicken and the Jamaican Fried Dumplings. The jerk seasoning was obviously well spread. The fried dumplings which are fit to accompany any meal through out the day but are usually best enjoyed with breakfast, were well cooked on the inside. Next time you are having a fried dumpling, make sure to tap it on a pan to see if it sounds hollow. Thank me later!


Jerk Chicken



For my drink I ordered the Jamaican Guinness Punch. This drink deserves a mention. It is traditionally known to act as a tonic to replenish strength. It contains guinness stout, condense milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and raw egg. Yes you heard right, RAW EGG, but not to worry, you don’t get a taste of raw eggs on your buds because the nutmeg and the alcohol from the guinness seem to miraculously ‘cut’ the freshness of the egg. I enjoyed drinking this. It helped balance the spices and flavours from the food and also gave me a kick.

Sadly, I couldn’t get round to having dessert as I was beyond full but there were a few interesting desserts listed on the menu that I will most certainly try on my next visit.
Yes, on my next visit because it does appear I have found a new favorite spot in Lagos. Very friendly service, though slightly pricey but it was worth every naira! I loved it.
Jamo- Afrique Restaurant.
Plot 3, Block 3 Oniru Estate, Along 4 Points Hotel.
8am – 12midnight
Reservations not mandatory.
Rating: 4 stars!


Written By Uganze Ude Kalu 

Uganze Ude Kalu is a practising lawyer and an unapologetic foodie who captures her experience through food photography. You can connect with her via instagram @yourfoodgeek or

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39 comments on “Uganze’s Dining Experience – Jamo Afrique”

  1. HeWhoMustNotBeNamed

    Will go there, if only for the WiFi. I hope they have unlimited 4g download? Maybe I’ll consider eating something as an after thought – preferably steak, if they have one… 🙂

  2. Kelechi

    O wow this actually seems amazing. thanks for the review will def go and try out the food. Good job Uganze!

  3. Toyin

    Jamo – Afrique is definitely overtaking some of the things on my bucket list. The food look amazing.

    This is a very objective critique. Thanks for the heads up on the heels aspect.

  4. chinwe

    Well done. It’s high time lagos had a taste of Jamaica and it’s famous jerk barbecue.

  5. Jojo

    Ohhh my world….. I am in love with the Jamaica Guiness Punch already(as anwuruma wey I be- drunk in ibo), I am so going to have a taste then try it at home (diy)
    Beautiful write up sis, Nice one really

  6. Valerie

    The Jamaica combination just makes you want to check out the place . Then with your review what’s not to try. Nice job

  7. Lulu

    The food looks and sounds absolutely delicious. Will definitely drop in anytime I visit Lagos. Weldone!

  8. Doris

    Nice and vivid description. I should visit the location real soon. And I thought I was the only one with this excuse –> “keep my “pleasantly” slim shape which is my excuse to eat more food.”😂😂

  9. JAAY

    Very descriptive review! Next stop- Jamie Afrique 😊😊

  10. Vera OHIOMA

    Hmmmm,the free Wi-Fi is a catch for me to eat & browse as we don’t find that many around in Lagos restaurants.

  11. Damien

    Now I’m craving some oxtail…
    It’s time to get in touch with my Caribbean side.

  12. Noble

    Great job Uganze. This is very informing and I really look forward to having my own first hand experience.

  13. NMN

    With your explanation, I could taste the food already. Now u wont rest till I visit there and have a taste of their meal. Nice write up, keep it up…

  14. D'ma

    Girrlll you good!!! 👍

    I waannnt

  15. Onuogu C.S.K

    Guess we won’t be needing “a trip to Jamaica”, finally. Looking forward to the experience.

  16. Mary

    Very well written!. I will definely visit.

  17. Linda Morgan -Okeudo

    You sure like good food Uganze. Well done,I wish you tried out the Nigerian cuisine.

  18. Iquo Ukoh

    You make want to eat here

  19. Ibe

    Uganze, reading this felt like consuming art. Experience eell captured. Great narrative!!!

  20. Chi

    Well written, Weldone Uganze. Love your descriptions….

  21. Motunrayo

    Great Jam-Afrique Dish👏👏😊😊

  22. Ofadaa

    Uganze, Thanks for this awesome review of Jamo Afrique. The food looks delish from the photos. This Jamaican Guinness Punch sounds very serious – will have to try it on my next visit to Jamo Afrique. I have heard that the restaurant is a little bit more expensive vs. other places. Anyway would be good to know roughly how much you spent on Food and drinks or show some sort of pricing scale for Future reviews ($$$$ vs. $$ type idea).

    There seems to be a Jamaican food revolution going on across Lagos. There are now about 3-4 restaurants which have opened in the last 9 months focused on Jamaican Food and even the background image on Genevieve is for a movie called A trip to Jamaica.

  23. Udy

    Another excellent review! Hope to try this restaurant out some day.

  24. Edugie

    Fantastic review. I was literally salivating all through lol. This spot sure got itself on my to-do list for the week *wink*
    Thanks my dear foodie learned colleague. #hahaha

  25. Flawless

    Wow! What a review, very sincere, as I tend to think reviews might be biased 😆

    Okay Jamo Afrique here I come!!!

    Thanks Uganze @yourfoodgeek😃

  26. E.

    Very informative review! Great job.

  27. biodun

    This description kept me salivating and wondering like it’s some food I had not eaten before…bigups kalu

  28. Ada

    Uganze you got me right there with that oxtail goodness. That I’d definitely be trying out soon. Amazing review!

  29. Mimi

    Impressive review! now I need to go experience the restaurant for my self. Well done uganze

  30. Sweetlobber

    Another beautiful Review! Taste of Jamaica in Nigeria that’s an Excellent Idea! My best is dumpling & jerk chicken reminds me of my Jamaican friend (Donna )way back in Wolverhampton United Kingdom ! Uganze( wife of a title holder) well done Your Taste buds have come to play❤️❤️

  31. Kalu

    Can’t wait to have this same experience ‘Jamo-Afrique’

  32. Ezinne Nwachuku

    Sounds yum! Would definitely visit when next I’m in Lagos.

  33. Yvonne

    Love love love, definitely going to try it out, hope it’s affordable, need some oxtail in my life

  34. udoka stop over.

  35. Nonny Madukaku

    Wow!lovely write up. I feel like I have been already..I will definitely love to try the meals you enjoyed but that that Jamaica Guiness Punch is a big No!! Ahh! Raw egg Biko noo ooo!!

  36. Umo

    I am never open to trying new meals but as I was reading this I was eating it(even though I know I will not touch the drink with raw eggs).Weldone

  37. DiDivalicious

    Thanks my foodie queen , will surely check them out, never had jamo food so this would be a first for me.Good job and keep the post coming

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