Motivation Mondays: Know Your Pace

Motivation Mondays: Know Your Pace

Recently there was a debate online about a young lady in a particular industry and whether she had earned her place. She’s doing quite well and is probably one of the most in-demand personalities in her field. However, she happens to come from a privileged background and due to her parents’ connections, was able to secure a position faster than most people her age would. There were a slew of people arguing that she doesn’t deserve all she has and is just another ‘spoiled rich kid’. The argument of whether she is actually talented in her field is a subject for another day. What i would like to talk about is her work ethic. Talented or not, this girl works undoubtedly hard. Succeeding in the cut-throat industry she is in takes a whole lot more than her parents’ connections. If she wasn’t putting in the work, it would show. However, we can’t help but acknowledge that the average person without wealthy parents with friends in high places would have to work ten times as hard to be where she is now. Which brings me to today’s topic: Knowing your pace.


Everyone above a certain age has probably come to accept that life is unfair and very unequal. Some people by virtue of birth are leaps and bounds ahead of others. You could argue that some people are guaranteed to succeed regardless of their strengths and weaknesses due to circumstances of birth. And guess what? We all benefit from this trick of nature. How, you ask? Take for instance, i’m not a very good singer. To be honest, i consider myself one of the worst singers to ever walk the face of the earth. If i wanted to be a musician, i would have to spend years training to have even half of the ability some people are born with. For some, its a natural business acumen. For some people, its beauty. I think we all know someone who’s a perfect ten without even trying.


The race to succeed is essentially the same. Some people need only make a phone call to secure some positions you’d have to work years to have a shot at. Some people can afford to be lax at their careers because they have family money to fall back on whereas you don’t. Some entrepreneurs get the funding they need for their ideas by simply asking a parent while some have to start very small and build as they go. It it fair? No. Its life.


As discouraging as it might be, the key is to know what you want and the work required to get there. From these, you’ll know the pace you have to work at. Also, its best to stop moping and comparing yourself to those more privileged than you. Yes, its not fair that that other person has immediate access to people in high places that you don’t. Yes, its mot fair that someone else has unlimited access to funds. Being bitter about someone else’s smooth road will not  make yours any less rough. Know the work you need to put in and do it to perfection. Don’t fall into the trap of dismissing or disparaging other people who had it easier than you. I’ve seen it many times that a privileged person will be genuinely talented, hard working and prove themselves in every way possible and some people will swear that they don’t deserve their success till their faces turn blue.


Also keep in mind that reverse is likely the case for you too. There are people that would kill for the opportunities you have now and your struggle is the struggle many pray for. So that rich kid who wasn’t as smart as you in University got a job without trying? Some people can’t even afford to go to University at all. So you have to save up to enjoy certain luxuries and someone else doesn’t? Some people have the same goals as you but don’t have enough money to eat. For everyone you feel was placed ahead of you by life, there are many placed behind you by life.


Know you pace, acknowledge and work accordingly.

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