Monday Motivation: When Your Goals Scare You

Monday Motivation: When Your Goals Scare You

Goal-setting isn’t negotiable. Almost nothing is achieved if you don’t set out to achieve it. After all, no one accidentally earned a Ph.d or accidentally won an Olympic gold medal. Knowing what you want and going after it is imperative to success. However, one of the biggest problems with goal setting is that the goals themselves can be somewhat intimidating to the goal-setter, which is understandable. This shouldn’t deter you from your goals. A few steps below should be taken if your goals scare you.


  1. Re-Assess your goals: Are your goals ambitious or unrealistic? Wanting to be promoted to assistant manager at your office in the next 5 years is ambitious. Wanting  to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming at the age of 40 when you haven’t taken a class before is unrealistic. Re-assess your goals and adequately define what it will take to achieve them. This will help you understand if its achievable to start with.
  2. Break It Down: Now, you’ve decided that your goal is indeed attainable. What now? To avoid getting overwhelmed with this new quest, divide your goal into smaller, bite-sized tasks. If you want to be in  a certain place in 5 years, define what you need to do in the next 3 months to help you get there. After that, make a list of daily steps you need to take. This not only relieves the mental burden but also reminds you to celebrate your small victories in life.
  3. Be Patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day and if this dream scares you, it probably isn’t the type to be accomplished overnight. Don’t spend all you time worrying if it takes some time. Putting too much pressure on yourself won’t ensure progress (it does quite the opposite, actually).

So get yourself out there and chase those dreams, even if they scare you.

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