Men’s Fashion: Bold Brooches

Men’s Fashion: Bold Brooches

What’s there not to love about brooches? They’re classy and oh so dignified. They’re the perfect way to put a spin on any outfit. They can be serious, fun or even regal depending on their pendant. However, brooches aren’t just for women’s dresses and tops. Men can also get in on the action with these bold metallic pins.

Simple and Subtle: A brooch can be a simple pendant to add a subtle touch of elegance to any shirt or suit. Not every brooch has to be a scene-stealer. It could very well be the finishing touch to a simple, elegant look.




Make you collar pop: Brooches can be placed anywhere and a collar is just one of the many places. Some brooches come in sets of two specifically for the thunder.





Lapels: A very interesting take on the brooch trend is wearing a double-studded brooch on the lapel of a suit. A small addition that brings a lot of finesse to any suit. Also perfect for nigh time.




The bold and the beautiful: While some favor a simple, understated brooch to ad a subtle touch to an outfit, some go all out and use bold, large brooches that can be seen from far away.





understated or over the top, subtle or loud, the brooch is truly a timeless accessory that’s here to stay.



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