Manicure Wednesdays – Lettered Maniures

Manicure Wednesdays – Lettered Maniures

Now, we’ve put a lot of things on our manicures- glitter, stones, and even rings (yes, rings) and each person has their own unique style. One thing however that’s not quite as common is letter manicures.

A letter manicure is a manicure that is done with some inscriptions on top- writings if you will. It’s a unique way of expressing yourself through your nails. One of the most common styles is the Boyfriend/husband manicure- getting your significant other’s name written in your manicure. Think creative ways to be romantic are limited? You certainly haven’t come across this before.


They could also be used to send a message of sorts. At the height of their breakup rumors in 2014, Beyonce shared a picture of manicure with the inscription ‘J+B’, implying that all was well within their marriage.


Also, it doesn’t have to be romantic, It could be literally any other word or phrase. Its also very uncomplicated. It can be done by simply using a thin nail polish brush or a thicker one depending on your preference. ┬áLove it or hate it, the letter manicure is certainly interesting.



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