Makeup Artists Taking Their Love For Ice Cream To A Whole New Level

Makeup Artists Taking Their Love For Ice Cream To A Whole New Level

If you’ve never thought about it , now you can! A big ol’ ice cream sundae is the most delicious treat to melt colourfully on your tongue and now you can have the splash of the colourful tasty goodness on your face as a whole look ! Bet you didn’t know that now did you ?

The ice cream inspiration look is the perfect summer delicious treat to add to your list of summer beauty styles with all its fun colours and textures you can produce that blend on your face !

Bloggers and Makeup artists have started taking the trend to a whole new level and the make up trend is yet to die down.

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Some people accessorize with the actual ice cream cone and other emblishmebts to portray the ice cream themed look .


Most people might not want to walk around with an ice cream painted face all summer but then you can brace up for Halloween and be the sweetest , walking , talking , cone ever!

These days, there’s no limit to how people can get creative with their beauty game and they’ve proven it from the condom , sponge and tampon beauty blender trend , that i personally felt was gross but fashion is fashion and so is a trend !

While the trend doesn’t require an actually ice cream used, but imitates the swirls of what it should be like all over the face of the artist.

These fantastical looks are created with all kinds of tools, ranging from the traditional eye shadow palettes to face paints, and adorned with creative touches like fake (we’re assuming) caramel sauce and cones.

So get your creative juice flowing and join the ice cream trend !


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