Kylie Jenner Once Again Taking Fashion To A Whole New Level

Kylie Jenner Once Again Taking Fashion To A Whole New Level

I’ sorry but can someone please explain to me what Kylie Jenner is wearing here? The 19 year old media mogul is back again with a switch up we have never seen before. Were all used to kylie’s risqué yet subtle attires that this generation calls fashion but now I’m completely confounded and i do not know how to react because this is something crazy yet so amazing.

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Kylie posted this a few days ago on instagram and the world cannot fathom the reality tv sensation’s motive for this weird and unusual look. I mean its fashion yes but how? from where? what went on in her head? we need answers because we really don’t know what the hell is going on Kylie!

Kylie is wearing a Harley Davidson ripped ripped sweatshirt shrug. I need help describing this look because I’m pretty sure the English Language has no words for it yet, haha.

I find it weird that i kind of dig this look, its definitely going to be hitting stores before fall and I’m here for it. Im willing to volunteer my dog to get that look right if they need it by chewing up whatever needs to be removed.

This isn’t the first time Kylie has gone over the edge with fashion and she has us on our toes everytime. No one knows what Kylie’s next instagram post could be about but we’re here for the suspense and new style inspos.



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