Just How Much Does God Love You

Just How Much Does God Love You

I have always loved God. I was born into a Christian home and so I grew up knowing that loving Him was the right thing to do. However, the real turning point in my life was when I understood and felt how much He loved me. It changed every single thing. Trust me guys, living your life knowing that the King of Kings loves you and is constantly looking out for you, is the beginning of your happiness and your peace of mind.
Last December, I went through something that really shook me (I’ll talk about this some other time). I felt like I was broken and damaged. Even after it happened, for weeks i couldn’t shed a tear because i knew that when it started, it probably would never stop. Then, I attended a programme and while the worship session was going on, I broke down in tears. I mean, i was weeping like baby. I kept telling God how broken I was, and how damaged I felt. He listened to me rant and pour my heart to Him and I promise you guys, I could feel Him cry with me. Then He said to me that if only I knew how special I am, I would understand that nothing and no one in this world can break me or damage His priceless creation. He told me that people will try, just like they have with me but they can NEVER succeed. He said it is only what man makes that can break or get damaged. His creations remain as brand new and are built to stand the test of time. He just kept on telling me “NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN BREAK YOU BECAUSE I MADE YOU”.
I could literally feel Him hug me and tell me He has got me and nothing will ever harm or break me under His watch. From that day henceforth, my perspective to life changed forever. For the King of Kings, to be so interested in me and my affairs, for Him to cry with me, hug me and tell me that I am special then I must really be special. I’ve come to realise that we sometimes belittle or limit the love God has for us. Maybe it’s because we’ve gotten so used to the type of love that we get from our fellow human beings that we feel like that’s probably how God loves us. If you ever doubt even for a second how much He loves you, just read Isaiah 43. He is willing to sell the whole world just to get you back. He made the creations just for you! That’s how much God loves you. Don’t ever doubt it. Grace and peace be with you.

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    This is basically a compulsory need for ever person everyday.

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