International Kissing Day – It Is In Your Best Interest To Kiss Someones Face Today!

International Kissing Day – It Is In Your Best Interest To Kiss Someones Face Today!



Well depending on a peoples tradition, the follow up to a newly born baby’s arrival into the world is the affectionate acupuncture of parents lips on its tender forehead or cheek, a heartwarming welcome party to the world; but for the Western culture the pain of the slight tap on the baby’s bum precedes the loving pout-placed kiss on the baby’s cheek, a pleasurable tranquilizer to remind the child that amidst the pain in this world, there will always be a soothing love available.


But hey I guess International Kissing Day is not a world celebratory day for the agape performed kisses from parent to child because that would be incest right?? International Kissing day is a day set aside for the lovers, a special day to go savage and basically swallow your lovers lips more than you would do any other day, and for this years IKD, being the unfortunate participant in a long distance relationship, there will be no orange-influenced lip sucking performances for me so I will instead be reminiscing about the first time I locked lips with another human being.


It was a few weeks into August, I was 14 and in love with a guy who was significantly older than I was.(hey 14year olds love to! Don’t judge me). We had been dating for a few weeks and nothing of a romantic sort had ever sprung up between us, I liked him, he felt the same and we had witty funny convos so everything was going pretty great. That night, after I had snuck out to go see first-love for a few minutes and had hesitantly relinquished my good byes after inadequate visiting time was over, and had turned to leave, he grabbed me by my slender arm and pulled me against his heated hunky frame, planted a peck on my lips, took a step back and just stared at me. Brethren, let me tell you yeah, that for the 3seconds or so that the kiss lasted, it was like a bolt of intoxicating lightening coursed through every fibre-optic nerve ending in my teenage figure and I somehow magically grew roots that spread underneath my feet as I stood immobile on the spot like a cupid stricken fixture. After regaining an infinitesimal amount of my sense after a few minutes, still trying to wrap my woozy head around the new feeling of a love that was taking up the oxygen space in my lungs, I turned around to leave without saying another word and in the process lost my balance, cut my left slipper and I had to unglamorously gallop back to my house while he just stood there watching me. I shut the door behind me and screamed at the top of my lungs! Omg this was what love felt like!! I drunkenly narrated my first kiss ordeal to my sisters who were, as you’d expect, just as excited as I was. Unknowingly this first kiss would be the benchmark of every other kiss I have ever indulged in during the unfolding span of my life, and if it wasn’t electric and did not have me chuckling as the butterflies in my tummy cha-cha-cha’d in euphoric sequences, then it just would not cut it for me, and was a God-sent omen revealing that whatever would follow would not be worth it.


Since the beginning of time, man and woman have seeked to create a connection between one another, a travel channel through which they could communicate not just their most obvious of intentions but their most elaborate emotions which in modern day society, have often been folded up in stuck up drawers labelled ‘fear of rejection’ or ‘cant bend my pride declarations’. These days, the act of kissing is seen as empty and bland, mundanely perpetuated in the love blank alleyways of night clubs or during truth or dare games. Contrary to a growing popular opinion, kissing is not just a superficial act but has scientifically proven amazing health benefits, from reducing high blood pressure and cavities, to releasing one’s happy hormones, boosting self esteem, burning calories, toning facial muscles and relieving cramps and headaches, it is no wonder the French can’t get enough of the lip-lockdown. In truth, we all need this electric ever so often (or once in a while) to spark up the giddy ecstasy of a love (whether it be true or not), because it bloats us up with not just butterflies but with a soft happiness that for the moment blurs out whatever sorrows drape so heavily on us, and maybe this electric would be the key to a peaceful world alas because people swooned by a love exhilaration have no interest in fickle greed-propelled fights. I think thats why the famous saying goes ‘Make Love Not War’, because love indeed is the only antidote to strife. So in your own interest and that of the globe, Kiss Someone’s Face Today.


Happy International Kissing Day and here’s a kiss lovers :*



cred : instagram – @chadknight

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Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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