In Defense of Pregnancy Slayage

In Defense of Pregnancy Slayage

When Beyonce announced her pregnancy early this year, she did it in a relatively simple way: She uploaded a picture of her maternity shoot to Instagram with a caption confirming she was expecting twins. She wore a pink bra, blue underwear and a veil while posing on a vintage Ferrari with a flowery backdrop, a concept that wouldn’t be out of place in any photo shoot even if it wasn’t a maternity shoot. Among the comments congratulating her and Jay Z and predicting the names of the twins were people asking why she was ‘making so much noise just to say she’s pregnant’ and ‘being so extra’. Weeks later, some were outraged by her channeling the goddess Osun in her Grammy performance, complete with an elaborate gold ensemble, headdress and dancers. Was she the first to be pregnant? Why was she feeling herself so much?

Similar comments are made whenever women, famous or not, choose to partake in maternity shoots. They’re showing off. They’re materialistic. They ought to be resting for the baby, not running about taking photos. This isn’t limited to pregnancy shoots. It applies to any act of a pregnant woman to be glamorous and fierce while carrying a baby. The internet criticized Laura Ikeji for dancing with her pregnant belly. They accused kim Kardashian of being too extra for wearing skin-tight dresses while pregnant. They have issues with pregnant women doing semi or full nude shoots, running marathons, wearing heels, going out too much, doing anything other than covering up in a huge shapeless blanket and refusing to do anything remotely resembling being glamorous until after delivery. Some even take offense with baby showers, branding them wasteful and narcissistic, as though women haven’t been getting ‘pregnancy gifts’ and received visits from well-wishers since the beginning of time. I like to think that some people simply have an inborn hatred of anyone enjoying anything at all.


It brings up the question: what is wrong with wanting to feel and look gorgeous during pregnancy? What’s wrong in celebrating your upcoming addition to the family with some well-done photos? What’s wrong in dressing like a queen with your baby bump? Who says you can’t live your life while pregnant?


So dance, go out and wear that dress, (responsibly) rock those heels, take a million photos, slay without mercy and be extra. If you won’t be extra when you’re bringing life into the world, when will you be extra?


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