‘ HOT HOT In The Bandeau!’ | Friday Night Outfit Inspo

‘ HOT HOT In The Bandeau!’ | Friday Night Outfit Inspo


Strapless is always for the win. Baring skin is one of the highlights of a perennial fashion, with the carefree exposure of dewy tinted skin. The bandeau has been spotted on the graceful women of Greece since the ancient times, as the trusted buttress to their breasts.This fashion staple which is similar in style to the tube top but more svelte is one that has a firm grip in every fashionistas heart for the amount of feline comfort and seamless slay it sprinkles on our fashionable existence. The bandeau perfection can be glamed up or toned down effortlessly to suit every fashion mood and regardless of the fashion weather. This is the perfect garb for cheeky Friday night outs for the ease of versatility, it’s teenage sassiness and the suffocating sexiness it brings to the table. Here are a few fashion inspos on how to rock this look.




May your Friday night be as lit as your outfit!


cred: instagram – @itsthestylehive @stylevitae 

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