G’s Summer Essentials

G’s Summer Essentials


A G-style 2017 summer lifestyle love affair involves a diversity of style inspirations adopted from the tropical retreats of St Lucia transcribed to urbane floral prints, cloned from the 90’s style glamlicious eyewear, strawhats and strawbags with canopy inspired aspirations , the intoxicating scents of a sun blasted Arabia captured within the ornamental glass barriers of OUD bottles, mild jewelry, intimidatingly bold colour blocks, sheer feel-good underwear, scintillating body care and even the most engaging of musical creations that are sure to keep you bobbing your pampered head and shaking your bubble butt , and for the Lagosians who experience rain 25/8 despite the globally accepted summer season, cheeky raincoats to keep you nice and dry just to name a few. This are the G’s Summer Essentials every lady should have this season packaged nicely.


Wardrobe Essentials:

So working from within to without, we will be bringing a range of summer needs from lingerie to glam bits and pieces needed to create the perfect summer ensemble, these are what every wadrobe needs.

  1. Lace Bralletes: These are cute, light weight, adjustable and extremely breathable ( because summer means sweaty betty ) and no one wants sweat prints on their outfit; these light weight bra alternatives look gorg underneath those see-through tops, so switch the padded babies for these!hmprod (1) hmprod
  2. Magic bra : Summertime means open back sundresses and plunged below the bra line sheer tops. NO one wants sneak peeks of your choice of bra sweeties so go with one of the years most talked about lingerie pieces, adorn some magic!magic
  3. Floral Prints : No matter how minimalistic your outfit looks, the elegance of the forest just adds so much life to any ensemble. Want to look elegant without having to work too hard, well simply go floral print-cess14992553195761498639764651
  4. White tops : Nothing could ever make you look more angelic than a white outfit. Introducing the saint sophistication of white to your wardrobe will make any outfit look heavenly this summer.149926042725114986396213121498639764651
  5. Mom Shorts : Its not everyday bum tight shorts, go vintage this summer by adorning the timeless breezy style of the mom jean shorts.short shortsmom
  6. Bardot Crop Tops : Summer would never be complete without the youthful drape of a top cropped bardot style.1498639764651
  7. Open Back LBD : Switch up night time live with a stunning little black dress with an open back adding that soft touch of risque to your social life.lbdblack-dress-SY-ID2884VP-b
  8. Colour Block Heels : Footwear is the true wager of fashionable prowess. Ditch the dull aesthetic of monochromatic heels this summer by adding the rainbow beauty of colour block heels to your wardrobe.14986405303911499259573398
  9. Cute flats : Because summertime involves shopping, explorations and restaurant and bar hopping, flat sandals with a touch of cheekines are a definite essential for any diva.149926357108914992638163781499263032829
  10. Sneakers – When on the move, sneak your way through the hood a la elegante!14992637591431498639642386
  11. Ankara Inspired Swimwear : Summer body immersed in glistening bodies of water never looked better. Every melanated goddess needs this tribal piece in her wardrobe, no exceptions!1499262997038PhotoGrid_14992650935621499262939977


Skin Care :

Top notch Skin care is an essential come rain come summer, and because this season requires sun bathes and the popularised requirement of summer body off, our skins need to reflect the glory of God and these essentials will help you achieve that.

  1. Witch Hazel x aloe Vera face cleanser : These two products are for the naturalistas out there. They restore ph balance to the skin are great for acne, discoloration and have an array of other skin rejuvenating benefits.witch
  2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion : This Moisturiser with its ‘dermatologist-developed formula” is pure luxury in a bottle.It is all day hydrating by locking the moisture into the skin barrier which is the major essential for younger baby smooth skin and a summer long healthy glow.

  3. Trilogy Rose hip essential oil : This is a natural alternative moisturiser and I swear on my life that it is packed with amazing benefits to the bream. Suited or both oily-dry skins, this oil is love in a bottle.rosehiprosehip
  4. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask : Enlarged pores are not cute, not in winter and definitely not in summer. The Boscia luminizing black mask, incorporated with activated charcoal and witch hazel which targets the problematic areas as well as the T-Zone and removes dirt and sucks up the excess oil is the perfect dirt extractor, so say goodbye to those ugly black and white heads.boscia-Luminizing-Black-Mask
  5. OUD oils – Forget what you know about timeless long lasting scents. Oud oils are the most hynoptising, exotic and majestic scents known to both man and woman. They command an authority of their own and are alluring in every sense of the word. Gotten from only natural ingredients. These will have you smelling like royalty all day everyday.oud
  6. Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Formula BodyOil : Great for both dry and oily skins, this sweet fragranced lightweight body oil absorbs easily into the skin as it has great moisturising properties, and leaves it supple soft with that extra healthy glow all over. Need we say more??? Glow goddess glow!!!palmers


Accessories :

  1. Bandanas : A more than welcome blast from the past, bandanas are the IT accessory for this season as they are setting a new record for multi-faceted accessory. Worn as a neck piece, arm piece, anklet piece, or to glam your hair up in a sassy pin-up style or 90’s west side trademark clad finesse. Bandanas are a must have.band bandana
  2. Eye-spy with my trained eye – Eyewear are the trademarks of any summer because who doesnt want to look cheek while protecting their eyes from the sun harsh uv rays. Well we do! Go 90’s classic glam with these must have eye wears.149926073427314992592829861499259915643
  3. StrawHats – Straw hats are adding nature to fashionista so effortlessly. This summer is not about beverly hills posh suede hats. Embrace your natural side with these trendy straw hats.14992596481001499259326054hats                                                           The weave hat Company – Daisy hat
  4. Straw bags : The bigger the better, and with this you need not fear damaging your arm piece underneath the weight of your cant-live without summer luggage. These straw bags are so complimentary with the straw hats for walks on the beach or in the tropics are so trendy for the season.1499260954526
  5. Minimalistic Jewelry and Big hoops : This is a contradictory fashion conjunction. Go simple sophistication by flanking the minimalism of simple unimposing jewelries and then adorn those huge hoops for a major statement summer style.14992598947311499268353853
  6. Minimalistic bags x Waist Pouch : No one wants to attend the functions in the park and festivals under the exhausting weight of larger than life totes. Go for a more fashionable minimalistic approach with a waist pouch and for those elegant evening soirees, the minimalistic purse is your best friend.1499180403930PhotoGrid_1499266268729
  7. Raincoats : because it seems the Nigerian weather is programmed backwards. Go fashionable with these transparent raincoats which you keep you nicely dry whilst still broadcasting your slay to the world.raincoat


Beauty :

  1. Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette : £5 colours for $38 is a bargain if you ask me. This palette with both matte and shimmery finished highly pigmented colours is perfect for the switch from day to night summer time glam.1499263347903
  2. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe: Who doesn’t love a shimmery glossy pigmented lip strobe. Huda beauty has done us a massive beauty favour with this one. These lip colours are so girly and are perfect for that dazzling summer pout.14992633366711499263164431
  3. Colour Pop Creme Liner: This summer is all about bold bold bold pigmentation and the colour pop creme liner gives us just the right wing tipped edge drenched in alluring hue that fits perfectly that purpose.creme
  4. NYX Illuminator : Could summer be complete without a good highlighter? I mean ?? This NYX illuminator can be used for an all over the body shimmer, and is lightweight, bronzy gorgeous and is perfectly build-able.1499263207134
  5. Beelashes : These minx human hair lashes are perfect for the summer and I’ll tell you why. When you blink you provide air-conditioning and when your eyes lids are hang open you are provided with shade from sun, and all from the comfort of your eyes. What is not to love about these beauties?1499268493034
  6. Coloured Hair : The more the colours the more the fleek. Go daring or go home this summer ’17.149925992651314992636925631499268321784


And ofcourse, everyone needs to cop this summer vibing album by producer extraordinaire Asahd Khaled and his legend of a father Dj Khaled, because we are indeed grateful to be witnessing yet another summer!




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