Genevieve Q & A Exclusive With Sonia Irabor

Genevieve  Q & A Exclusive With Sonia Irabor

It is a new year and we are deciding to know more about some of our favourite people in the industry. From their childhood memories to plans they have mapped out for themselves and who better to start with than the Assistant Editor of Genevieve Magazine, Sonia Irabor.

It was an exciting and very inspiring interview, Here it goes.



What was your childhood like?


It was great! I spent a lot of time outdoors in our garden, playing pretend with my dogs. It was fun for me. I was a weird kid and my parents indulged me.


Explain further with being a weird kid?


I suppose weird might be too generic a word. My interests were slightly niche and so I spent a lot more time on my own or with my dogs than I did with my friends. I was very contained, I liked that. That meant that my mind had a lot of free reign to wander, and wander it did. I remember this time I tried to fly by climbing the massive water tank in our house while wearing a cape. That did not work out but it was fun to try.


Has being ‘weird’ and shy influenced your lifestyle?


Definitely! My idiosyncrasies have influenced the decisions I’ve made with regards to my life and my career. As has everyone’s in the world.



How did you come about owning a column in Genevieve at 13?


My dad always encouraged me to write; right from when I was very young. I was always writing poems, short stories and the likes. Some of them featured in my primary school yearbook. So by the time I pitched the idea of a column for teenagers to my mum, I had a whole portfolio to show. I wrote a sample and she liked it. I came up with the name TeenZone because I’m “so original”.


Is writing a path you will like to establish yourself in?


Absolutely, it’s a significant part of my career now. I had TeenZone for about four or five years before I decided to take a break and explore other things, but I never stopped writing. I began to explore stage and screen writing more when I got to University. I now have my column, Here’s The Thing in the magazine, and my other projects involve me creating through writing.


Any projects you are working on presently?


I do not know how much I can say about it, but I am a co-writer on a limited series comedy that should be out in February or March. I’m also working on a number of personal projects that I can’t say much about just yet. But I’m excited about how busy the year ahead looks.


How has creating a name away from your parents been thus far?


I don’t think I ever really needed to. My parents are their own entities, living their own successful lives. My brother and I have always existed outside of that. We have succeeded on the merit of our own talents and abilities. My failures have been entirely my own experiences. Sure, no person is an island, but I can’t discredit the significance of working hard to build one’s own path. As banal as that may read.


How do you blend being an assistant editor and being shy?

In my capacity as Assistant Editor, I am naturally going to be more behind-the-scenes and that is what I am very happy to do.


Do you think you are where you want to be?


If you want to make God laugh, make a plan. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be, and doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and to me that is all that matters. Of course there are moments when I feel like I could be further but then I adjust myself accordingly. However, to restrict oneself to a solid life plan is to neglect life’s unpredictability and it is a deprivation I choose not commit myself to. You never know how many times you may have to start again.


In a nutshell, describe yourself.


Under no illusions that I am anything but imperfect.


All’s fair in love and war, what do you think?

Irrational; illogical; untrue; but thanks to history, the source of some incredible moments in cinema.


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