G -Monday Motivation: Letting Go Of Your Mistakes

G -Monday Motivation: Letting Go Of Your Mistakes

As humans, we are not infallible. Error-making is pretty much an essential part of being a human being in itself. One could argue that mistakes are healthy as they contribute to our learning process. What isn’t healthy however, is brooding and mentally beating ourselves up over these mistakes. Sadly, doing this is all too common and we can even find ourselves brooding over mistakes we made years ago, even those that were mostly out of our control. Letting our mistakes go is a necessary process if we ever want to move forward.

First of all, acknowledge that everyone messes up and has embarrassing moments. Your pastor has made mistakes, so have you boss and your parents. You know that perfect-seeming person who seems to have it all figured out? Yep, they definitely have some moments they’d rather not remember. It alright, its human and it happens.

A common line we use to beat ourselves over the head with is “I made so-and-so mistake, people must remember and laugh at me.” This is normal and based on our instinctive fear of being ostracized and ridiculed by our peers. Whenever that happens, repeat this process: So you fell flat your face walking in heels once, right? How many people saw? Out of the x number of people who saw, how of their embarrassing moments do you personally remember? Exactly. Not many, if any. Most people don’t keep these things in mind. Their lives do not revolve around remembering minor slip-ups of others. They have bills to pay.

Laugh about it. Its impossible to learn or even move on from mistakes if you refuse to acknowledge them at all. Admit it happened and if possible, laugh about it. Make jokes about it. It has a double-benefit as it helps you come to terms with it and also that once you laugh at your mistakes and learn to find humor in them, no one can make fun of you for it and hurt you.

Also, learn from these mistakes. the beauty of mistakes is that they are some of our best lessons. Some would argue that there are no mistakes or failures, just lessons. Analyze them (If they need analyzing. Your weird fashion phase when you were a teen doesn’t need analyzing), see where you need work or what you shouldn’t repeat and let it go. Catch and release. Brooding about your mistakes for days on end doesn’t undo them or even help you. Instead, it robs you of your happiness and might even harm your health.

So, learn, let live and let go.

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