Friday Night Fashion: Sexy Jumpsuits

Friday Night Fashion: Sexy Jumpsuits

Don’t you just love jumpsuits? Think about it, they’re sleek, show off that rockin’ figure and go from day to night with little effort. From a statement at a power meeting to a scene-stealer at the club, theres little the Jumpsuit can’t do. All it takes to switch it up is usually just the right accessories and attitude. Cut out, lacy, sheer…the jumpsuit can be worn in so many styles.


Cut it out: Not the easiest look to pull off, but eye-catching none the less. A daring cut out is just one of the many possible looks the jumpsuit is capable of.


Mix it up: Business in the from, party at the back, anyone? The versatility of the jumpsuit cannot be overlooked, especially considering it can go from day to night, from business to party.



Shortcuts: Who says a jumpsuit has to be knee-length? A short jumpsuit is the perfect club outfit, especially when paired with a good pair of heels.




Go metallic: A nice, shimmery or metallic jumpsuit was pretty much made for the nightime. Friday nights just got better.


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