Elevators may be faster than Stairs but when you take the staircase; you burn more calories and get rid of unwanted weight. Now in life, a lot of us want the fast lane, we want to get to our destination quickly, forgetting that God works in “Steps & Stages”; not “Elevators & Escalators.” Sometimes, what you call a slow and long process, may actually be God’s way of trying to teach you something. He may be helping you get rid of unwanted habits & relationships. To buttress my point, I’ll refer to the Holy Bible, and in Psalm 23 of the Bible, the shepherd could have led the sheep to the “surprise party” via a shorter route, instead; they walked through the valley, because He wanted the sheep to get rid of fear and also understand that, even in the valley; He is still with the sheep.

I don’t know what you may be going through at this present time, but I am led to tell you today that God doesn’t sleep, neither does He slumber for a second; He is an intentional God and even when you pass through tough waters, be rest assured that He is fully aware and He will see you through. I am also led to tell you not to grumble through the process / series of exams you currently have to take, and please don’t compare yourself to others because it won’t make your process faster, everyone’s exam paper is different at different stages of their lives. If you try to quit and you attempt to use the “escalator”, it will suddenly stop working and you will find yourself back at step 1 on the “staircase”. So, simply stay in your lane, give thanks to God for life & the daily provisions. Praise your way through because the promise land is so close & it is right ahead of you. I know it can be hard sometimes but I am led to tell you this- “Please don’t give up, don’t lose your Faith in God, keep declaring positive words and very soon; you will see the manifestations of your declarations. Put all your confidence in the LORD, it will surely end in praise, in Jesus precious name, amen.”


I love you all & have a blessed day.❤️




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I am a recipient of God's grace.

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