Dora The Hesitant Explorer – The Refreshing Reward Of Treading New Trails | PANORAMIC PERSPECTIVES

Dora The Hesitant Explorer – The Refreshing Reward Of Treading New Trails | PANORAMIC PERSPECTIVES

Can you imagine how different the story would be if dora the explorer didn’t mount her extraordinary backpack and head out with her trusted right arm ‘monkey’ by her side on all those magical adventures and quests? Let me help you, there would be no story.


Every day, on my way to work and just like every other working class person, I follow a certain route. I have been taking this route for quite sometime and though it requires me to utilise a number of transportation modes – namely leggedez benz, keks napep, public bus and a dozen more leggedez trotting – it still did the job of timely arriving me at my destination amidst the chaos of tightly jammed depressing traffic, myriad of too-early-in the-day-to-be-nauseating body whiffs and the conglomeration of┬ánasty attitudes displayed by a tri-face off of drivers vs lastma vs bus conductors. However, despite my personal affiliation to what had become a preferred route, I always had this soft thought lingering behind the curtains of my mind about the very possible probability of a shorter, less agitating route to my destination, but despite my somewhat harmonious agreement with my intuition, I was very hesitant to trying out an alternate path because well, I was just not ready to input fresh effort into treading a new trail, and what if I would get to my destination later than usual? and God knows what other delay or detour could be awaiting me on a new path. There was absolutely no point, my familiar route did the job of getting me to work just fine, and although the journey was accelerated on the spinning wheels of merciless murmuring, I had my mind made up because it was what I was used to and to be honest, I didn’t and couldn’t spare an ounce of time on new explorations anyway, I just wasn’t ready.


Long story short, one day, while I passed the bus stop that continually beckoned on me to hop down from my bus and travel the unknown trails of a never before treaded path, I thought to myself, what the hell! what do I have to loose?? Its either I get to work later than usual or just in time, either ways I’d never know if I never tried. So that day, I overcame my slithering hesitation, jumped out of the bus, and standing right in front of me was a bus conductor who was passionately screaming at the top of his Adams apple obstructed wind-pipe through a cracked bass falsetto my destination, and that was how leggedez benz trotting was canceled off my hectic transport list. I hopped into the bus, and I think the passengers on that bus got the memo, like the rest of the hygienic world on the use of deodorant – nauseating disheartening odour toleration eliminated, check! – and the best part, I got to work 15 minutes earlier than usual ! Wow, and to think I was hesitant to try a new path all along!


This, my friends was how the Universe taught me the simple lesson of trusting my inner voice and being brave enough to try new things, regardless of any nagging uncertainty or fear change; The probability of hitting a dead end or meeting detours could be high but isn’t this how the best lessons are learnt, arming us with the wisdom beyond doubt to desist from that path; or this new path could be the shortcut to arriving at your destination sooner than expected and stronger. The Odds might be at stake, but they could also be in your favour.


Don’t believe the lies, the universe only wants the best for each and everyone of us, and whoever said the universe doesn’t dish out shortcuts and expos never wielded the auspicious wisdom of their inner-voice and gathered the courage to walk a new uncertain path. So, try new things today, have faith in the unknown, be courageous and trust in your God Given intuition, It is the map to you destination so follow it regardless of your fear and personal doubtful reservations because it truly knows the way. It might not be as simple as taking a new route to work, but whatever path is calling out to you in this walk of life, I hope you find the courage to mount your backpack, take your trusted monkey (inner voice) with you, and explore!

About Author:

Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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