Dear God, I Am Ready For Anthony Joshua

Dear God, I Am Ready For Anthony Joshua

For some of us who are unaware, Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua, who currently became a unified world heavyweight champion is set to return to Nigeria in August for three days to give back to his country and as a woman who appreciates good looks, a hardworking man and have nursed marrying a British citizen for a long time, I can only see this as a sign that God has been saving me for Anthony.

anthony joshua

As expected, the competition is stiff as a long list of women have publicity declared their love and interest for Anthony, including director extraordinare Kemi Adetiba and thinking about it,I should be worried but as I mentioned earlier God has been saving him for me and so I have peace that he is my soulmate. Instead of looking for ways to rope him into your life, consider this article as “5 reasons you should focus on finding your own man”.

  1. Traditional dishes on your list?Way ahead of you: Forget about Calamari and Caviar,too much of those things are not even healthy.  I might be Igbo but I make the meanest Eforiro. However, My jollof rice is said to have kept men in relationships longer than they wanted to and of course as an Igbo girl he has to try Ofe Egusi, Ofe Oha, Abacha, Nkwobi, Ikwokirikwo. Best believe that I have him secured with those options.
  2. Considered going to Church? Never mind, My prayer point was for him to return in the first place: If you think praying with your pastor and spending days in church will help solidify your connection, Nne try again! My prayer point was for him to come home and find me and half of that prayer is already answered, so instead of praying in vain, just pray that he will find me and marry me, that way we all win. After all, the shine theory says once one woman wins, we all win.
  3. If you muttered, she is Igbo he will gravitate towards me because I am yoruba, best believe I have that in my bag as well: My mother speaks fluent yoruba, I have a B.SC in dating yoruba men and I have dated all sorts, “the cool calm and collected”, “the you must respect me”, “the over obsessed with family values”. Think of it, and I met all their family members so I know how to act, behave around a typical or A-typical yoruba family.
  4. Interstate marriage is the new cool: As an Igbo woman, I already bring variety to the table. I am well versed in his culture and my culture is so attractive, I can already tell he will be super stoked to be a part of it.
  5. Bonus Point: Throw in the fact that I am ready to move to London, I am really petite and he can scoop me whenever, his name will fit right into mine ‘Vanessa Joshua’, it seems to me this match was made in heaven.

And on this note I hope you can focus on finding your own man and leaving mine to locate me.


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Vanessa enjoys being at social gatherings, she is a member of a wine club and she prides herself in being a bluestocking

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