What better way to kick start a new week than with a strengthening and invigorating workout routine?? ( I know I cant think of one either). Happy new month fit fam and I hope you made it to the gym at the infant hours of the day, are well into your workout or are on your way. For those of us who are early to work boomers and have scheduled the gym arrears after the close of the days work shift well, I am here to judiciously remind you not to sleep on this fitness thing!


Mondays are for strength building! After a weekend ( id say long, but I’d be lying :/) of resting, catching up with the clique, attending all the soirees and festivities programmed on the planet and for the professional bunch (working! sorry ), its no wonder Mondays have been destined to the ill-fate of unparalleled human condemnation and the reciprocated backlash (by Monday itself) comprised of fatigue, soreness and inebriated lethargy. The best way (tested and tried) to combat this pathological drainage that has been passed down form our fore fathers is to actively begin the week by making the decision to get up , show up, hit the gym up! and sticking to this Monday fitness mantra! Fight soreness by getting more sore? some of you might ask, but stepping up to this not-so-friendly activity ironically pumps all the juices and gets the rivers flowing; It’s the sweet kinda sore.


Monday fitness is the perfect time to get up to the cardio and strength exercise routines because it spikes a generous amount of adrenaline through out the poles of the body which offers a nice boost and kickstart to not just your day but the entire week. Strength workout routines can be a big turn off, especially for the ladies because of the hyperbolic concept of gained masculine type muscle mass; well, unless you’re religiously lifting 80 kg weights and gauging down drums of weigh protein mama, I doubt you’ll end up like this guy; but on an objective note a toned bod like this lady will definitely keep the pervs and hooligans at bay.




Strengthening exercises as well as cardio have an array of distinct benefits. From slashing that superfluous fat to improving heart health (because the heart is a muscle, and just like any muscle thrives on sustained directed exercise loving), increased metabolism and hormonal profile, management of diabetes an increased tolerance and of course a hot drop banging body! Infusing strength, core and cardio routines such as weight lifting, cycling, swimming, squats, lounges, press ups and push ups e.t.c will help for an 360 increment in health and well being, combat depression and help you achieve those abs, toned booty and all out body of your dreams. Lovingly attached below are two workout routines each for both gym heads and those who are still contemplating the need for a gym membership, geared at both the women (mummies included) and men, with a bit of high tolerance exercise for some inspiration. Enjoy!








GYM fitness











Researchers add that staying true to a Monday fitness regimen gives you the attribute of heightened aspirations at being consistent at a week long gym marathon as well as boosting your feel good and productive hormones, an increased self confidence, a calm centered mind and the extra yummy treat of a more rejuvenating sleep time. So again, I reiterate, don’t sleep on the life enhancing freebie of a core filled Monday fitness routine whether it lasts for a 20minute tenure or an hour plus. Begin with baby steps, today and kick ass the healthy, fit and downright sexy way the rest of the week! Remember! be gentle, easy and attentive to your body (Its not a do or die affair). You got this!



monda fit



S.N: Starting out a gym membership or fitness plan/challenge couldn’t be activated at a better time than 5 days into a new month on a sparkly new Monday!



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