Chioma’s Fitness Notes – How To Lose Belly Fat

Chioma’s Fitness Notes – How To Lose Belly Fat
To lose belly fat, you have to incorporate cardio workouts and strength training. Abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted at the gym. This is absolutely true. Without a good and healthy diet, you can’t lose belly fat. In fact, you could go to the gym 7 days a week and still struggle with belly fat because you’re eating the wrong food. Eating moderately will also help in reduction of belly fat. You can also eat healthy foods but if you don’t eat them in moderation or at the right time then you’re making a big mistake. This is like doing the right thing the wrong way. If calculating calories will help you, then do that.
I have outlined a few tips on how to make this journey, please find them below.
Here are 5 great exercises for cardio workouts:
Jumping jacks
Jump squats
Jumping lunges
5 exercises for abs workouts:
Russian twists
Flutter kicks
Bicycle crunches
10 great foods for reducing belly fat:
Lean meat
Green tea
Peanut butter
Whole grains

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