Black Beauty Gurus Take To Youtube to Review The New Kim Kardashian West Contour Kit Collection

Black Beauty Gurus Take To Youtube to Review The New Kim Kardashian West Contour Kit Collection



The infamous Kim Kardashian West, multi million dollar business mogul, A-list socialite, demi god to some and ‘talentless’ (as perceived by others) mama of 2 gorgeous babies for heartthrob Kanye West, recently launched a makeup collection ‘KKW’ with its first line of products catered to the contour and highlight junkies. The contour and highlight kit which comes in a pack of 3 products, the creme contour and highlighter as well as a cute sponge and brush duo applicator packaged neatly in air tight blush-nude packages comes in a variety of 8 contour and highlight colour pigments options, ranging from deep dark to light and are cutely placed on double-ended crayon-like slender sticks for ease of use. The KKW contour line which retails for a whooping prize of $48 which is a 15,000 naira approximate or £36 for the British boojies is atop the list of beauty brands steaming hot topics. Wondering if $48 is a wise investment? We have conglomerated a few bronzed beauty gurus who rendered candid reviews to assist hot headed Kimye supporters who just want to own a KKW contour kit and black makeup enthusiasts as well, with practical opinions on whether such an investment is lives up to the hype.





But first, let the contour queen herself show you how she achieves a 5minute makeup look with the KKW contour Kit.





Shall we proceed?? Ladies and gentlemen, you be the Judge.


Youtuber – Jackie Aina



Youtuber – Hey Zuri Hall!



Youtuber – Irishcel507




And for the KKW lip kit Kylie Cosmetics Collaboration, here are some reviews.


Youtuber- MakeupShayla



Youtuber – Patricia Bright


Youtuber – Alexis Omiwade



So there you have it my fellow beauty crazies! Worth the bucks or nah? If you weren’t convinced with the reviews, like the old saying goes, you’ll never really know until you try.




cred: Youtube – @JackieAina, @Patricia Bright, @MakeupShayla, @AlexisOmiwade, @Irishcel507, @HeyZuriHall. 


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