Weekly Poser With Betty Irabor – Deal Breaker Or Not

Weekly Poser With Betty Irabor – Deal Breaker Or Not
Young Woman Thinking --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Thinking — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

When Ekaette met Julius, she did not realize they were going to have a serious relationship. Among their many get-to-know-you questions was how old she was, and she said 28, Julius was 30.

Gradually the relationship became more steady and intimate, but as they progressed, she felt the need to tell him a very important detail. 28 was a far cry from her real age, as she was indeed five years older than him. However, the right time never seemed to show up.

She felt the pressure a lot more after he proposed but eventually shoved the idea aside to get along with her life, she had to give up celebrating landmark birthdays in order to keep up with the lie but it seemed a small price to pay.

Just before their 10th anniversary, she decided she was going to tell Julius the truth, she wrote a letter explaining it all and placed it in the inner pocket of his jacket.  Julius was due to make a work trip and she had hoped he would read it.

On arrival at his destination, he placed a call to Ekaette to let her know he had landed safe and all of a sudden he went AWOL. After five days of no calls from Julius, she concluded he had found the letter.

The day he was due to arrive she had prepared her mind for the worst, as she peeped through the window to see his car pull up in the driveway, she saw the largest bouquet of roses. She ran downstairs and threw her arms around him, and he whispered, I would have loved you anyway.

Men, would that have been a deal breaker?

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