Bella Hadid Just Made Daytime Lingerie Look Dynamic

Bella Hadid Just Made Daytime Lingerie Look Dynamic

Im pretty sure the thought of digging up lingerie to take outside the bedroom for a spin has crossed your mind a few times maybe, i might be wrong but i doubt it. We may not necessarily have all that gutt  to actually execute the idea in real life. Tons of fashion experts and influencers have actually been able to be carefree in relation to their undergarments as a normal daytime attire but Bella Hadid’s recent sortie into the trend might be our favorite yet!


The shot was taken in Cannes, France, rocking a satin set/two piece and she owned it! Topping the l0ok  by pairing a textured area dress that she wore unbuttoned, somewhat like a robe with pointed-toe  nude heels from Olgana.

Its such a convenient outfit because it could easily be transformed from daytime friendly to nighttime in a flash. This is an outfit to dub for an ideal summer vacay cozy girl outfit.

Bella Hadid comfortably pulled off this look in the most dynamic way ever, the nude blend was everything and I’m literally drooling over a satin set like this!

Im pretty convinced that sexy undergarments should see the light of day more often.

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