Beaded Brown Bombshells | Hair Inspo

Beaded Brown Bombshells | Hair Inspo

I’m uncertain of the much older generations, but If you’re a 90’s baby like me, you will definitely remember the days when the beaded aesthetic reigned supreme. It was like something was missing if the flamboyant finishing touches of glitz and adolescent glamour were not attached to your newly ‘did’ hairstyle. Back then, the shukwu, kpatewo, 2step and even Ghana weaving hairstyles had to have those tiny balls attached to their ends, sparsely for the more conservative of the lot and all out disco light aesthetic for those of us that were a bit more dramatic. We needed them; heart shaped, flower shaped or honey pot shaped, big, small or I cant make up my mind so ill stick to the medium size shaped, wood, plastic or pretend clear glass made, different colours and an assortment of options, we just needed our beads! I mean whats the point of having a christmas tree without the christmas lights to adorn them ?? I know! makes no sense to me either. Yes, I’m grinning to at the innocent nostalgia , it was like, if you didn’t have them affixed to your braided tender mane there was basically no point of living ( I exaggerate :), but we all did too at the time as young blooming drama queens).


Sadly, with the turn of the millenium, fast track to some 17years past the year 2000 and there has noticeably been a decline in the shimmer that comes with the ornamentation of hairstyles crafted on adolescent girls; apart from the sheen of the hair spritz on their newly done Havana Jombo twists or Ghana braids which are too long for preteen and held too tightly for comfort or that cheek ponytail, its like everyone wants to grow up too fast. I honestly cannot vividly remember the last time I saw a young girl with beads on her hair.


But as we know all too well, fashion as well as beauty paradigms are continuously recycled, coming back in ways which are new and improved. I’m not sure if it was Solange Knowles who reinitiated the optimism of the 90’s kids who were then all too eager to have beads on their hair with her song ‘Don’t touch my hair’ from her 2016 third studio album release “A seat at the table’, or if it had inconspicuously slithered its way back in from less popular influences. whatever the inspiration for the come back was, the beads have finally rolled back into brown girl bombshell town! The bead is Back and is badder than ever. Media Influencers, celebrities, fashionistas, fashion and beauty enthusiasts, the renegade creatives, basically almost everyone who is still in touch with their inner baby girl or has more ostentatious inclinations has joined the gang and I think its an absolute artistic masterpiece to behold. The bead trend is definitely a staple that will be flourishing this summer and black girl excellence will be at an all time peak , as per usual!


So ladies, if this trend is for you or you’re willing to try something more daring but are unsure of how to rock and style this hair trend, there are an abundance of bead inspos for you on social media platforms and basically just go with what corresponds to your individuality ( don’t push it if you cant rock it); being comfortable is key to effortless elegance; and for those ladies who are more traditional at heart like myself , throw in a few cowries in there for that classic timeless african aesthetic. Ornamentation has always been the way of life of people of colour tracing back historical lineages through to our most ancient ancestries, so its beautiful to see the bead back in our melanated mix. The creatives are loving it, the brown bombshells are loving it and so are we!

photocred – @nigerianbraids

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Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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