Awesome Food Art Ideas You Should Know

Awesome Food Art Ideas You Should Know

Everyone knows how important presentation in food is especially if its the kind of meals that isn’t so appealing  because the look of your food constitutes a great part of the overall pleasure of eating. Imagine turning a plate of bare hot dogs to actual hot “dogs” or sandwiches to actual angry birds, no one could ever say no to that!

Get your creative juice flowing and make all forms of presentation with all kinds of meals, you could even get yourself to work and present celebrity faces, yes celebrity faces!

Even moms would do anything to get their kids excited about eating meals and a child’s happiness is through their stomach. Bet you didn’t know that now did you ?405 I’d love to introduce you to our very first, “Ramen Gosling”, you guessed right, thats Ryan Gosling in noodle form.


Also, we have everyones favorite pop noodle, Miley Soyrus

If you don’t know where to start you came to the right place, these should leave you hungry enough to start cooking right way.


Here we have “hot” chicken wings, HOT literally enough for you and your stomach. (This one made us laugh quite a bit and I’m sure you did too )


The sleeping rice bear looks so cozy in its egg blanket!


Angry Bird sandwiches , perfect for your kids.


The iconic vegetable face, everyones personal favorite and our personal favorite as well , we love !


The hairy sausage came out to play!



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