A Man’s Perspective on Women and Makeup

A Man’s Perspective on Women and Makeup

How are you never sure how much make-up is the “right” amount? Do you get concerned that your boyfriend, husband, or a possible love interest doesn’t like the way you look with or without make-up? Well, although I can’t speak for all men, I wanted to provide a perspective.

I’m a pretty standard “guy”, you could say. I’m a young Japanese-American man in my early thirties. I’ve dated plenty of women through the years; some who wore make-up, some who almost never did. I can honestly say that I prefer some moderation, because if I truly love somebody, I want to see them, and not a made-up version of them.

Women and Make-Up

The main thing I really like about make-up is when it makes her feel pretty. That gives a woman a really attractive and confident air. While I know I can’t speak for every guy out there, I think that’s a fairly universally-held opinion. However, that effect can also come from the right outfit, a good hair day, or just the right state of mind.

Listen, I’m not saying that women don’t look gorgeous with impressively contoured make-up, dramatic lipstick or eyeshadow, (or any number of techniques or products I’m probably not aware of). I’m just saying that I’m not as attracted to a woman who has completely covered up the things that make her, her.

Allow me to make a comparison:

While women usually like a man who is in good shape (i.e. nice arms, chest, legs and butt), a lot of them find the “bodybuilder” look to be, well…a little unnatural. Heavily made-up women are kind of the same–from a guy’s perspective, it’s hard not to wonder what she looks like under all of that foundation, blush, and powder.

Essentially, my attitude is “less is more”. If I’m really into a woman, that means I’m attracted to her–the more make-up she wears, honestly, the further she looks from the person I was initially attracted to. It’s not that she looks “bad”, just different.

This isn’t always the case–it can depend on the occasion. A make-up style that might look great or attractive for a night on the town can look really silly under the fluorescent lights of an office.

Possible Take-Away

The main point that I want to reiterate is this: men want you to look like yourself. Touches of makeup like some mascara, lipstick, or other subtle additions don’t change that, but full-face transformations often do. It’s not unattractive, but it can be artificial-looking.

I’m not trying to tell anybody what to do, but I think it’s healthier and more satisfying to “be yourself”. Men and women both find that attractive and appealing. And remember, if being yourself means wearing a lot of make-up, that’s just fine, too; you don’t need anyone’s permission.

What do you think about make-up? Are you a “less is more” person, or do you think there’s a benefit to more extensively made-up looks? Am I dead wrong about something? We’re curious to find out what you think, so feel free to comment or share with a friend to get their opinions, too.

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site for men, beards, and grooming. To see more from him, like this post on straightening beard hair, visit his site or like iManscape on Facebook.

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