#TBT: Platform Heels, a Step Beyond

#TBT: Platform Heels, a Step Beyond

Whenever I think of early 2000s fashion, I think many things. Spaghetti straps. A strange obsession with denim jackets. And of course, platform heels (or wedges as some people call them). You remember those unreasonably high block heels that populated the sidewalks, offices and party scenes? Even in that time they seemed absurd to me. But they were popular and they sold. Everyone (except me) wanted one as a birthday or Christmas present. They also came in the most ridiculous colors. Because it wasn’t enough to walk around on what was essentially a block of wood, it had to be brightly colored or bedazzled.







Thankfully, in the world of fashion, old things become new and improved. A few years ago, the trend has brief comeback and upgrade to 2010s standards. I’ll admit they were nicely done and my hatred for them sort of subsided. Take a look at the platform heel all grown up.







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