My Dining Experience At HSE GOURMET

My Dining Experience At HSE GOURMET

The city of Lagos is slowly gaining a reputation as a bastion of food innovation. I have been dining in some of the metropolitan city’s best restaurants for some months now, and I must say it is quite an experience – An interesting one, if I may add.

I think there is a food revolution happening in the city of Lagos, and this revolution has seen many of the best restaurants sprouting like mushrooms all over the place. And for those of you who are just as bad as I am (oh yes! I know I am not alone in this bad behaviour) look no further than HSE GOURMET CUISINE.

Located in the Lekki axis of Lagos City, HSE GOURMET is the brainchild of Chef Nkesi.

The restaurant and cafe’ is located in a rather unassuming corner that is quite easy to miss inside a mall known as Arabella’s place. The parking space and arrangement upon arrival is not one that I subscribe to. However, the interior is to die for, literally!

The simplicity and art work details, the arrangement, choice of colour and style that greeted me as I stepped into the restaurant warmed my heart. It was so cozy that for the first few minutes I had to remind myself I was not home. Now anybody who knows me will agree with me that I am a sucker for fine interior decor in any type of space, hence the reason I was smitten immediately I entered  HSE GOURMET.

I could not help but notice the warm smiling face of the lady who came forward with the menu. Her makeup was neatly done😅 forgive me, I thought her brows were perfectly lined and I knew I was going to be just fine having her take my order.😃

For my drink, I had a glass of Peach and Passion Fruit Sangria Iced Tea. It was superb. I mean, it hit the sweet spot!


Let me quickly add that Pasta is my all time favourite and so I was excited to got for that option, and for some of us unaware, there are different types of pasta they include; Barbina, Capellini, Fusilli, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Macaroni, Pennette, etc.

I went for the Tagliatelle Herb Pasta with Ricotta Cheese served with Grilled Chicken Breast, I specifically requested for extra bacon and chilli because I love my food really spicy and they got it right.


This was EVERYTHING a pasta dish should be. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. The flavour balanced the rich colour of the pasta all curled up with the cheese beneath the perfectly cooked tender chicken breast. The bright colours of the ingredients peeking through the curls of pasta made it a feast for my eyes as well as my stomach. It was indeed YUMMY. The serving was a lot, I could barely eat it all up.

Although it was a bit pricey, it was well worth it. I will say the dish was executed perfectly!

HSE GOURMET does not have the traditional big sized restaurant space inside, so you may have to employ dining etiquette while conversing. Notwithstanding, there is this private feeling that comes with the space and size that I love and they provide private chef and catering services.
Though I would love to be selfish and keep HSE GOURMET CUISINE all to myself, but the work of Chef Nkesi and her team is too good to stay hidden. There is no doubt I shall be going back.
Restaurant /Cafe,
Arabella’s Place.
Plot 2, Block 82
Emma Abimbola Cole.
Lekki. Lagos.
Rating: 4 Stars


Written By Uganze Ude Kalu 

Uganze Ude Kalu is a practising lawyer and an unapologetic foodie who captures her experience through food photography. You can connect with her via instagram @yourfoodgeek or




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11 comments on “My Dining Experience At HSE GOURMET”

  1. JAAY

    Beautiful review…will have to visit HSE GOURMET when next I am in Lagos.👌

  2. chinwe

    Honestly, I would never try a new restaurant but this review has got me craving to go to HSE Gourmet! I am a pasta fan and I have always felt pasta was a neglected staple in naija but after this review I am most definitely trying that restaurant out. Kudos!

  3. Damien Wayne

    AMAZING article!
    You totally rocked the description…
    Am I hungry for pasta or what?
    Besides, I also got an education… now I can brag about the different types of pasta to my less culinary savvy friends!

  4. Mina

    I haven’t tried out a new foodie spot in ages but this review has got me thinking. .. I think I’m going to recommend this place to my friends when next we head out to a foodie spot. . The address though. Is it Lekki Peninsula?

  5. chikito

    HSE GOURMET CUISINE My next stop when I get into lagos… after such an awesome description from bar uganze ude Kalu…. this is a sure place for a foodie like me

  6. Gaga

    That meal and the ice cold drink has my name written all over it . HSE Gourmet, I will be booking a table soon!

  7. Yvonne

    This review actually got me hungry…nice one. Heading to this restaurant to eat the exact same thing!

  8. Becks

    I had a great time at HSE too. Weldone Chef Nkesi. Nice article.

  9. Nwando U

    Deliciously written! I hope all Lagoians get to experience the exquisite and enjoyable cuisine you have so artfully described at HSE Gourmet. Perhaps I’ll visit someday myself for some finger licking goodness.

  10. Udy

    Well detailed review. I would like to try this restaurant out some day.
    Nice one!

  11. Mesahidu Elamah

    Awesome article , masterpiece. Great writing. Pasta also my favorite so will visit!

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