13 Things I Am Currently Loving!!

13 Things I Am Currently Loving!!

As human first, African lady second but lady most importantly, I am almost always musing about new finds whether sourced from the fashion republic or plucked from the beauty and skincare stratosphere, serendipitous scents that tickle my most sensual olfactory passages, music that I cant stop bobbing my egg shaped baby cheek bloated head to and keep on steady repeat for days on end or movies and books that take me oh so gently by the hand, leading me through carefully crafted rabbit holes of both fictional and non-fictional orientations turned internal and external visualisations, pastures of sought vintage valuables influenced by nostalgia kleptoed abberations for the love of all things timeless and even interior decors to abstract art and big flashy cars, or just people who make me fall more and more in love with the world through their lifestyles, ideologies or individualised crafts, because i just cant ever get enough of the good good stuff as is the nature of most women. And tbh just like the majority of everyone ever, though we try to feign it, we are material bodies living in a material world and its only natural and acceptable to be part material inclined, veering both consciously and unconsciously towards those things that make our lives more cozy and heighten all of our senses though temporarily but permanently penned in the journals of our memory. As a human woman who is  searching for new things to fall in love with everyday (because what is life without love??) and never gets disappointed by the abundance of exquisiteness deposited my way by the universe, I thought I’d share with you guys some of the things I am currently head over heels in love with.


  1. Did somebody mention heels?? I’ve owned heels since I was an adolescent, first kitten pumps couched on baby soft socks with lace adorned fringes which slowly matured into boasting six inch twin towers skinny heels which relentlessly support my now skyscraper high preferences. However, more recently Ive been more heel-clined to wedges. Easy to wear, more compassionate on the soles of my  feet with its more streamlined platform and definitely more practical for a now working baby journalist who is expected to be constantly on her feet whilst still maintaining top notch-never faltering uptown chic, and they come in so many irresistibly beautiful varieties its hard to not fall wedge over heels in love. (I still love you my anorexic thin sixies :*)
    wedges wedges curr


2. Dr Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap

I know most people would have started off with their current skin care favourites but honey there is no method to this lovestruck madness. Not withstanding, skin care is of the utmost importance to every gal myself included. As a true sojourner at heart, it means i am constantly hopping from one house to the other and nesting under familiar roofsheets which are too extended to be home but are loving enough to be humble abode’s. As a result of this, I cannot be as pious as Id like to be with my personal skin care regimens but saving grace any day any time is the All-in-One Dr Bronners Castille BathWash. An organic alkaline body wash that deep cleanses my pores trading germs for relaxing and rejuvenating bath time experience delivered through natures very own essence this body wash is my all time fave. And even more impressing is its multipurpose uses from body wash, to shampoo and makeup brush cleaners etcetera etcetera, Dr Bronners is definitely the love of my life.

dr bro


3. White swimwear.

Look angelic in half naked bikinis?? Hell Yes! Ive been seeing a lot of beautiful queens in white lingerie cum swimwear and Im so in love with the simple pristine aesthetic. It really goes a long way in complementing any physique against the canvas of all body pigmentations and girl am I loving it! Its like that santa came early gift of naughty serving angelic nice and I cant wait to cop my own white swimwear cause i’m painting summer holy with my bomb ass summer bod clad in saintly white 😉



4. Poison Dior

I remember growing up and watching my mum fuss over this particular Dior perfume, buying bottles of these scented souvenirs scooped from various trips to store away was her favourite guilty pleasure and times when she would frantically cajole her sisters to purchase bottles of Poison anytime they were about to travel out of the country; I grew up attributing the sensational scent of that perfume to my mums natural scent. A few months ago I walked into a perfume shop at the mall and there it  was staring so intensely at me and I shrieked so gaily for joy. A whiff of the scent and I was transported back to early mornings before my mum would leave the house in a cloud of enchanting smells and evenings when I lay on her lap. Like a blast from the past Ive been transported to a hypnotically aromatic love affair that is timeless, befitting a sensuality that has been passed down to me from my mother as I have now fully come of age. Poison which means fish in french is honestly unparalleled and best believe that the only thing that will be smelling fishy will be the sudden gravitation of strangers to your scent like moths to light.




5. Dr Organics Tea Tree Face Wash

This organic tea tree face wash which has mandarin, lemon and witch hazel infusions is a gentle cleanser which uses some of natures most avid natural cleansing agents. With its blend of clarifying agents which work for both natural to oily skin, this face wash seeps through the pores of the face and tackles any and all blemishes and dirt stored underneath the skins surface. I have been using this face wash for a few months and though my face isn’t blemish free yet, my face feels supple, i have less shiny T-zones to be embarrassed about and my skin feels less irritated. I am currently in love people!


dr orhanic


6. War EP- Odunsi The Engine x Nonso Amadi

This is a classic example of when an EP does no wrong. These two young, upcoming, brilliant musical forces collaborated to just bring your girl to untimely death, or more life as I have come to understand with every added count to EP listening. This 4 track EP takes you on an uncomplicated journey through a musical universe that tells the simple stories of a young men in love. and Mr Odunsi and Mr Nonso have set their creative masterminds and soulful voices for me because they I am stoked. Stay is my favourite song off the EP by the way. Pure vibes! I am in love!!

war currently lov

7. MatteBrand’s BodySuits

As a girl who lives for the full pleasure of sexiness escorted comfortability, bodysuits mean everything. They can be played and manipulated in so many different ways but the theme of super comfy chic never gets lost in the sauce and I absolutely love bodysuits for this. MatteBrand is taking cozy goddess to the next level and I am currently in love with this hip trend.



8. Lipstick Queen – Velvet Rope

The name doesn’t lie because just a simple applique to your nicely exfoliated lips and your true regal nature cannot be hidden for much longer. This entire collection is based off the glamour days of Hollywood, think of classic Marilyn Monroe red lips or Audrey Hepburn gliding on the red carpet with as much queenly glory you know you harbour on the inside. I not-so-recently purchased the black tie lipstick from the Velvet Rope collection and it literally feels like plush velvet on my lips. This pigment rich weightless matte lipstick puts me in my Nefertiti feels and has an intense beauty that crowns me with Queen pon the streets everytime I adorn it on my lips







9. Sister Outsider- Audre Lorde

This book is a collection of essays and speeches by the phenomenal woman Audre Lorde. This book has opened me up to the beauty, blessings and opportunities that come with owning your sensuality, sexuality, femininity and voice. Redefining what is termed as erotic and allowing for the reintroduction of the erotic to our daily lives, this book aims at empowering the woman so that she can be the utmost best and put her utmost best into every sector and ramification of her life fuelled by the unquenchable fire of femininity. I love Audre Lorde even more for this book as it continues to give me true insights into my personal power and every woman needs this in her paperback or online library.


audre currently lov


10. Ankle corsets

If you know how sexy waist corsets are then Im sure you can imagine the sexiness that is the ankle corset. This accessory which does nothing to cinch your ankle but adds every nectar of finesse to your outfit gives the true stylegasm to any ensemble. I love love love this, and it just oozes sultry untameable sophistication!




10. Afrocentric Art

As a true black panther, I am constantly on the hunt for art which resonates with my afrocentric side and as per usual I came across an amazing artist on the gram. This artist @malikradford paints and portrays black lives, our joys, our stories, our passions and prejudices, our hopes and our lifestyles as well as our groove and our grind and Im so in love with how he gives life to our stories through his dexterous hands.

p.s the lady with her tongue out is so me

p.s the lady with her tongue out is so me



11. Berets

As a former member of the girls guide I really hated berets, they had a grandma feel that was not working for me, but come 2017 and this new and improved swaggy trend is too cool to handle. I am currently loving this fierce beret style brigade and I will be ransacking through my old stuff to reclaim my tossed and abandoned girls guide beret because of course nothing goes out of style; and best part blue is my favourite colour.




12. Wild Thoughts – Dj Khaled ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller; produced by the producer extraordinaire Asahd.

We’ve all been sniffing out the behind the scenes pics of this video shoot and we all knew that something extra hot was cooking. Our premonitions lied not people because the much anticipated video was released today (June 16, 2017) and cupid literally fired his arrow straight at my heart. The song which started out with Carlos Santana’s guitar was my cue to officially loose all behaviour, serenading me wit a melodious nostalgia. Then Rihanna just had to be herself and nonchalantly take my breath away. Fleshy Fenty gave me life with her thick thighs, synced to the beat dancing feet, those colorful outfits that were brought to life by the queen herself, her candid carefree-ness and that now mature raspy voice that is sexy as hell, Rihanna had me falling in love all over again. The song, the artistes, the video production, that seductive yet romantic Latina vibe…every single thing is on point. Infact with no further ado, enjoy!


13. Outrageous Hoops

You know what they say, the bigger the better, and we only do it big around here. I can never stop loving big hooped earrings, they are audacious and thats what Im all about! Go big or go home.


About Author:

Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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