100 Days Without Fear | TEDx TAUGHT ME THURSDAY

100 Days Without Fear | TEDx TAUGHT ME THURSDAY

How many times have we let a fickle fear, first a tiny speck of shallow thought which overflows into a drowning sensation of helplessness and hopelessness get the best of us? This familiar fear of pain, of failure, of abandonment and rejection, of loneliness, of embarrassment and of our ego death, sweep us off our feet as we stumble down a rabbit hole of false truths. You see, the most intense, groundbreaking, invigorating and enlightening experiences of our lives lay wait at the door of our fears. Fear is an illusion of the mind, a hindrance, a miserable limitation, an infertile soil where nothing ever blossoms from, and as quoted from Will Smith in the movie After Earth, fear is not real but danger is very real. Our fear of death inhibits us from living life fully, our fear of failure keeps us from the greatest of achievements, our fear of pain only forces us to block out this feeling creating a numbness which in itself is empty and painful, our fear of rejection only brings similar situations, forcing us to retract into shells instead of soaring on the currents of life because when we push against the flow of the universe we receive an equal push back.

Yes, fear in some situations is what keeps us alive acting as an alibi, but fear is also a distorted blindfold that blocks us from seeing things on a grander and more analytical scale. We refuse to take that first step in our careers, embark on that journey, try out that colour, dress or a new delicacy, make the first move to that person; we are afraid to step out of our comfort zones unaware that beyond the thresh of comfort lies a life of magic far above and beyond our wildest dreams. Who cares if people will accept you or laugh at you for wearing that bikini, yes you may fall but what if you fly, yes you may fail but what if you win (and isn’t failure just a camouflage for learning?) The phenomenal Nina Simone said ‘freedom to me means no fear’; fear is rigid and the universe is not, meaning these two cannot coexist, even the plants move.


Unknowingly, every year we celebrate the anniversary of our death, and someday we will eventually leave this earth as softly as we have come; and though we all pray for long life, death comes at the appointed time; so, when you lay on your bed at age 90, will your thoughts be filled with regrets of a life lived diluted due to a fear of not being accepted from another human who is not any different from you, of opportunities not grasped, of love not savoured or would you rather swoon to the melody of a life fully explored and with its juices squeezed to the fullest? Tedx taught me that no fear means true freedom to be all you can be, birds born in a cage have no idea what wonders of the world await them just outside that door.

‘Michelle Poler, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts holding a master’s degree in Branding. A few months ago, she quit her job as an Art Director and┬ádecided to face all of her fears for her project 100 Days Without Fear.’ ‘Fear prevents us from living life to the fullest. Through her experience facing 100 fears, Michelle learned how we deal with fear, the types of fears we face in life, and the process through which we are able to manage the anxieties and accomplish great things.’




cred : youtube- @Tedx Talks, Google Images, www.giphy.com.

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Jemima Eli-shama is a writer, baby activist, renegade, upcoming philanthropist and a lover of everything life. An innate ambivert though more inclined to the introverted side, jemima believes in the power of the voice, whether heard through the minds ears via the channel of writing or through oral verbalisation of truthful standpoints. Jemima is striving to change the world by changing herself.

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