10 Ways To Eat Healthy While On Vacation

10 Ways To Eat Healthy While On Vacation

A vacation is the time to unwind, to celebrate, to rejuvenate, to see new places and try new things. It can also make you feel uneasy about eating certain foods after working tirelessly to lose unhealthy body fat before going on your much-needed vacation. Here are 10 ways to stay on a healthy eating plan while on vacation and still enjoy yourself!

  1. Travelling by Plane, Ferry or Car

It is easy to fall off your healthy eating plan if you fail to plan for your journey in advance. Pack your own food such as sandwiches, wraps, tubs of salad – include vegetables such as carrot or cucumber sticks, low-fat crisps, fruits, low-sugar cereal or protein bar. This will help avoid the urge to buy high-fat fast food and save you lots of money.

  1. Resist the Urge to Splurge

Yes, I get it…you want to enjoy, splurge, treat yourself because you have worked so hard to earn this vacation but do you know that an average person can pile on between 5-10lbs after indulging on holiday? You can avoid this by planning your daily meals in advance – for example if you will be having a long, leisurely lunch, aim to have a small dinner. If you are having an all-you-can-eat buffet in the evening, eat a light lunch as such salad with protein before your planned dinner.

  1. Fuel up with a Healthy Well-Portioned Breakfast

As the saying goes “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” however, do you know that English Breakfast has about 1000 calories or more and Continental Breakfast such as one all-butter croissant with butter and jam is approximately 350 calories. Proteins are known to keep you fuller for longer so opt for protein such as boiled or scrambled eggs that will stop any mid-morning cravings. If you have planned to have English or Continental Breakfast make sure to have a small or light lunch.

  1. Fill up on Fruits and Vegetables

Don’t forget to include your 5-a-day in your meals whilst on vacation. Try local exotic fruits and vegetables that you might not find at home, doing this will make it feel like a treat and still being super healthy at the same time. Don’t completely ditch your healthy eating lifestyle just because you are on vacation.

  1. Stay hydrated – Water is Your Best Friend

The recommended daily water allowance is 2 litres and more if you regularly do high intensity exercises. Traveling can dehydrate you especially when you are out in the sun more than your body is used to which is why it is important to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water while on vacation. Stock your car and hotel room with ice-cold water and carry bottles of water in your backpack/bag whenever you are out and about.

  1. Choose a Side Plate – PORTION SIZES

Have you noticed serving your food on a larger plate gives you the urge to eat more? You can control your portion size by using a side/smaller plate or bowl to serve your meals especially when you are at all-you-can-eat buffet, this enforces portion control. Use the size of your clenched fist as a measurement for carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, pasta. For protein (fish, chicken, eggs…etc) use the size of your palm as a measurement and for fats, use the knuckle to the top of your thumb.

  1. Eat Only When You Are Hungry

Whenever we think of Holiday/Vacation we think of it as a time to OVERINDULGE but we all know that eating extra calories that our body does not need which leads to body fat gain. Only eat whenever you are hungry and STOP when you fill full. Drink a glass of water before eating your meal and another glass or two after you have eaten and refrain from going for second servings.

  1. Hide the Mini-Bar Key

Who else gets tempted to eat the little treats in their hotel rooms? I know I do 😊 the mini bar is always filled with all sorts of beverages and sweets/candy which can be so tempting when you know that you have easy access to it. If you are not DISCIPLINED enough to say NO and look away, lock the mini-bar and hide the key or even better drop the key with the receptionist at the hotel. Out of mind, out of sight!

  1. Walking is Your Secret Weapon

When you are on holiday and you cannot get in your scheduled exercise, opt for WALKING which is so easy to do as you will be sightseeing which means more walking everywhere. Get in your daily steps while on vacation by taking a stroll after dinner or take the kids up on an early morning hike. Walking burns calories, helps with managing your body weight and staying active.

  1. Enjoy the Scenery and Enjoy the Food

You are on vacation, enjoy yourself, it’s no good depriving yourself of an enjoyable food; the trick is to eat in moderation, sample those yummy foods instead of feasting on them. Banning certain food and drinks can lead to cravings which can bring on a binging act from the things you are trying to cut out and eventually lead to guilt feeling which is not HEALTHY. So, if you really want that ice cream, a dessert or a cocktail, then enjoy it rather than feel like you are giving in. remember to make allowances for it when choosing your next meal, snack or drink, so you are still in control.



Written By: Motunrayo Ogunwumiju of Healthy Everyday Living

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