10 Signs That Show Your Relationship Just Got A Bit Serious

10 Signs That Show Your Relationship Just Got A Bit Serious

10 Signs That Show Your Relationship Just Got A Bit Serious


Our generation is swarming with casual relationships; If I had a pound for the amount of friends I have who are just “seeing” or “speaking” to their other half I’d be able to get myself a gold watch from Argos.

Reasons for not crossing that thin line between casual and serious relationship usually include commitment issues, time frame, the ability to trust, fear or prolonged PP 2.0 etiquette. However two other reasons popularise our generation, denial and a sense of naivety.

Maybe it’s a defence mechanism against jumping the gun too quick but we tend to not see the signs that have been blatantly planted on us like the bullet wounds on Montana Fishburne’s ass. So for all you “we’re just cool, there’s no title needed” types, here’s 10 signs that show your relationship just got a bit SERIOUS

1. If you feel guilty talking to, flirting with, canoodling or being with someone else

You ever have those sitcom moments when you’re chilling with someone else but every time you’re about to advance to the next stage (getting the number, feel-ups, kissing,sex) you can see your original other half wielding a knife?….yeah me neither…. Some of us already have the mentality that if we’re seeing someone then we are seeing that person only and will feel bad otherwise. The rest of us run by a different code; but if the point comes when you feel guilty for even breathing the same air as someone else, oh yes you are heading into a relationship, if not there already.

2. If someone asks whether your marital status is single and you take longer than a second to answer

Yup, we’ve been there. A member of the opposite sex asks whether you’re single and you start stuttering and stammering like you stole something. Any answer ranging from “kinda” to “see the thing is…” indicates denial, by then the person’s already on to the next one leaving you chilling in self-pity, all you can do now is bask in your exclusivity and give your other half a phone call, which conveniently leads to my next sign.

3. Daily Phone Calls, because BB messages aren’t enough

When you talk on the phone every single day, sometimes multiple times a day; Im not talking about the hurdle stages when you jump over facts and figures about each other, finding out what you like and don’t like..It’s beyond that. I’m talking about not letting a day go by without hearing from them, catching up when you just called them 5 hours ago, calling them because it’s become routine…..yeah your ass is in a relationship.

4. Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

Not everyone’s into PDA but for those who are, if you even proceed in doing so you’ve pretty much bungee jumped from the ledge of casual into the abyss of serious.

5. You’re comfortable letting them see your “flaws” and vice-versa

When you get to the stage when you’re comfortable enough to let them see you in the morning looking like death or when your breath knows no boundaries or when farting in their presence becomes funny (to be fair it’s never really funny when your other half farts) you have pretty much sealed the deal. Any biological or bodily functions that you deemed embarrassing before but are now comfortable with is always a game, set, match moment when it comes to relationships.

6. Your stuff’s in each other’s houses…and that’s fine by you

This happens ALL the time; either we’re really clumsy as a people or we like planting our belongings in your house as a reminder, a territory claim against competition or an excuse to come back to the house we’re comfortable in the home of the people we’re seeing. If you have items of clothing, jewelry or other miscellaneous crap in their house it’s pretty much a sign, and if it builds up into drawer, closet or medicine cabinet space it’s a foregone conclusion.

7. Your friends know….even Mehmet the kebab shop owner knows

By being with your other half constantly and telling your friends about them, showcasing him/her to them and the world, you have given them enough insight, analysis and observation to know not only whether he/she is right for you, but whether they are with you already and you just don’t know it. Of course some of us do like to spare the details but it’s all in the change of activity. Your friends now refer to you in twos rather than individually, they ask how the other half is before they even go on to other topics, you will be introduced as the other’s boyfriend/girlfriend; even Mehmet will make the mistake in saying “does your girlfriend want chilli sauce on her kebab”, he recognises the chemistry.

8. Meet The Parents

Introducing them or being introduced to family is a pretty big step for most couples; you have crossed the threshold and can not look back. Of course if you are in the position where you or the other half already live with parents then it may not seem an issue. However if visits to the house are constant, family members will take a shine to you and the moment you can refer to their parents by their first name or you have their contact details you’re in (a relationship).

9. You know each other’s habits and tidbits

There comes a point where you’ll be able to finish each other’s sentences, know what the other likes to wear on certain occasions, know what reaction they will have to an event that occurs or know their favourite member of the Wu-Tang Clang ….that point is the ship of relations

10. You don’t have to plan what you’re doing on the weekend, you already know

This is one of those unspoken agreements you guys will have; an intentionally unintended routine if you will. Every weekend you will have time dedicated to each other whether it is restaurant dining, movies, chilling together at home or robbing a bank. The one weekend you cancel on each other will seem strange and while one is preoccupied in their own plans the other will be expecting a phone call whilst thinking about them….and they will happily oblige.

Justin Credible

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